Workshops & Appearances


By learning together, we grow forward together!

I host workshops & seminars around the world sharing my knowledge, tools, and exercises, which have been personal game changers for me and my clients.

Learning in a group environment offers the space for powerful breakthroughs and transformation.

See a list of Workshop Topics below.



SL workshops are designed to focus in on a specific topic for a few hours. Workshops are a great way to get a taste of the many facets that embody a LightStyle™


I host workshops and seminars around the world sharing with individuals how to design a life that lights them up, aka a LightStyle™



Our Heart - The Most Intelligent Technology

The Art of Meditation

Creating a Daily Light-filled Practice

HeartMath Resilience Tools to Become More Coherent

Transitioning to a Healthier Mind, Body, & Soul

How To Design A Sacred Space to Bring Clarity & Beauty into your Life

 The Art of Letting Go

Intuitive Cooking

Tools to Live a More Sustainable Life

Reduce Stress By Connecting with Your Inner Child

Amplifying Magic & Miracles Into Your Life

How To Design A Life That Lights You Up -
A LightStyle