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Are you ready to connect to your heart?

I help people reconnect to the power of their heart so that they can overcome their inner blocks and bring their soul’s mission to life. 


Hi, I’m Leyla Salvadé!

I’m a Heart Healer, believer in the power of love, and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you connect to your HEART and discover your LIGHT!

I’m a certified Health Coach, certified HeartMath® Resilience Trainer, spent time at a Zen Buddhist Monastery practicing meditation and mindfulness.

I’m a small town girl from Switzerland who dared to follow her heart and have since lived in Phoenix, London, LA, and New York City, picking up the divine lessons of Life along my path in order to alchemize them into service based tools for the courageous souls who want to journey into power of the heart.

My mission is to awaken courageous grace through the intelligence of the heart
so that each and every one of us can stand in our brightest light. 

You are about to enter into a portal of Love & Light. Please enter through your heart.



How can I serve you?

Heart to Heart Immersion


Heart to Heart Immersion VIP DAY
Spend half a day with me, deep diving in person or on a video call. I will guide you through a process where we focus on a specific shadow aspect or problem, work through it, and the reach into the field of possibility, collapsing time and space in order to manifest and call in your hearts highest desire.

From Head to Heart: Healing through Love

From Head to Heart: Healing through Love
Join me on a 3 Months 1 on 1 Coaching program journey I designed specifically to help you access your souls mission – full heartedly, removing all the blocks, limiting beliefs, and fears that stand in your way, and embark on designing your highest potential into reality.