Mindvalley has worked with Leyla and Heart To Table at some of our biggest events and we’ve been blown away by the love, the care, and the experience that she is able to curate. Highly recommend her and Heart To Table!
— Vishen Lakhiani, Founder & CEO of Mindvalley, Author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind
Leyla has opened up my eyes and my heart to the powerful impact of discovering and connecting to your inner child, as well as various manifestation and meditation techniques and practices, which have improved my life in a powerful way. Leyla and I met many years ago and instantly her passion for what is now, Standing Light, was evident in every aspect of her mind, body, and soul.
— Smita Das, Project Manager 
CenturyLink, New York City
Leyla is an amazing human being and one of the people I admire the most! Her powerful coaching methodology changed my life. Because of her loving guidance I was able to break down walls I didn’t even know were there. Stepping from fear into the power of love, opened me up to finding the love of my life whom I am now getting married to, none of which would have happened if it wasn’t for Leyla’s magic.
— Jose Luis, Assistant Director at Georgetown University Law Center
On my way to The Standing Light House, I had no idea what I was about to get myself into. There was the initial understanding of how Leyla and I would focus on a situation that occurred in my life that I haven’t been able to shake, but unknowing of what the actual effect would be for me. What actually happened was much more than I could have ever imagined. Leyla started off by helping me settle into a deep comfort and I eased into our session right away. When I opened my eyes, I immediately realized how so much had changed in such a brief amount of time. I was pretty overwhelmed for the rest of the night, but the next few days following were the most relieving and worry-free days I had had in a long time. It’s hard to explain how much of an impact that Leyla’s magic has had on me, but I think the better terms to put it are how much she made me realize that the magic was inside of myself the entire time.
— Julie Ondrako, New York City
Leyla is a shining light and an inspiration to many! She is a true beauty inside and out! I highly recommend anyone seeking radical change to make the decision to work with Leyla. She is one of those rare gems whose true purpose is to make great changes in the world and improve our planet.
— Sah D'Simone, Transformational Coach & Meditation Teacher, New York City