Welcome to Standing Light!

You are about to enter into a portal of Love & Light. Please enter through your heart.


I'm Leyla Salvadé.

Standing Light was channeled to me in a powerful meditation. SL now embodies many facets, all through which I dedicate my time and energy helping you connect to your heart & discover your light.


Through Standing Light...

I blend everything I've garnered so far into what I call a LightStyle™; a holistic approach to life that integrates mindfulness, conscious daily practices, heart intelligence, and environmental awareness. I share the LightStyle™ approaches through:
 Heart To Table, my Light Coaching practice, and LightStyle™ Retreats.


Your heart is the most powerful technology ever created.

By understanding the power of your heart you create a coherence between the mind and the heart activating your highest potential.

Connect to that intelligence and discover your unique light!