1 on 1 Immersion in NYC Overnight

1 on 1 Immersion in NYC Overnight


If you want to experience the most powerful shift in the shortest amount of time, I invite qualified clients into The Standing Light House in NYC for one and two day immersions. In this time, I'll work one-on-one with you.

For the Overnight NYC Immersion, you will arrive at the Standing Light House in the evening.

On our pre-visit discovery call, we will devise a unique plan catered specifically to creating the most powerful breakthrough for you depending what you want to focus on. You will have a choice of 'menu' options to add to your immersive day with me. 

We will share a home-cooked vegan meal, practice the art of mindful eating, have time to speak deeply and get to know each other, and then you'll have time to ground yourself in your own room to prepare for the following day. You can enjoy a healing salt bath with a personalized essential oil mix. 

We will begin the following day with a morning meditation, a healthy vegan breakfast, and then begin your personalized immersion package. 

You must be ready to want to change, enlighten, and heal. To embody a LightStyle, is to have the courage to face your shadows, embrace them with love, and transform them into light. I'll tailor-make your menu of healing methodologies with you over a discovery call before the arrival and devise a focus for your immersion. Upon arrival you begin the immersion.


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