1 on 1 Immersion in NYC

1 on 1 Immersion in NYC


If you want to experience the most powerful shift in the shortest amount of time, I invite qualified clients into The Standing Light House in NYC for one and two day immersions. In this time, I'll work one-on-one with you.

For the 1 on 1 NYC Immersion you will have 6-8 hours to work with me - one on one, at the Standing Light House. On our pre-visit discovery call, we will devise a unique plan catered specifically to creating the most powerful breakthrough for you depending what you want to focus on. You will have a choice of 'menu' options to add to your immersive day with me. 

We will also share a home-cooked vegan meal, practice the art of mindful eating, and do different guided meditations. 

You must be ready to want to change, enlighten, and heal. To embody a LightStyle, is to have the courage to face your shadows, embrace them with love, and transform them into light. I'll tailor-make your menu of healing methodologies with you over a discovery call before the arrival and devise a focus for your immersion. Upon arrival you begin the immersion.


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