Turning Thirty

It's official, I turned THIRTY!!!

💗This has been the most incredible birthday. Not because of where I was and what I was doing, but rather who I was with and how I felt.

🗽I'm back in the concrete jungle after spending the past couple of weeks in Arizona with my partner in light.

🌵 Phoenix is a place that stirred up the fire within me as a young girl when I moved there at twelve years old from Switzerland....an experience that made me fly away as soon as I could, never wanting to return, or so I thought at the time.

🧚‍♀️I'm realizing more and more each day that I am exactly who I was when I was a little girl playing with my angels and fairies in the woods of Switzerland, loving and deeply connected to Mother Earth. The only difference is that for a while I forgot who I truly was, and it took some SERIOUS soul searching to RE-member who I am. This remembering process lead me to re-become my most innate self, yet much more resilient, wiser, stronger, and graceful...or at least that's what I'm working on every day.

🙌Phoenix keeps pulling my spirit back, and this time through an experience that enriched my soul with nourishing elements still unfolding.

🌿I got to embody my inner child by re-connecting with NATURE through PLAY and FUN. This trip was a grounding balm re-rooting me in a place I never thought I could grow roots in.

🧝‍♀️I played in nature striping down to the human suite I entered this world with, dipping into and playing in a crystal clear Sedona creek. Interacting with the divine water, following the butterflies, and breathing-in the warm light while basking on a rock in the middle of the streaming creek. Climbing up boulders to test my resilience. Exploring smaller pathways on a nearby hike trail. Sliding down a natural slide made by Mother Earth with adventure in my eyes. Dancing my heart out while I let my soul surrender into grace, regardless of where I was, and embracing my innate nurturing ways.

🤹I leaned, and then DOVE into the MOMENT. Played with magic and spoke with Divine Spirit, shifting into more playful realms of existence and understanding more deeply the bio-feedback between my spirit and Divine Spirit.

👣What I've learned in these past thirty years can't be explained in a few sentences, but one of the main lessons that came out of this trip to Phoenix, is that we must get back to our innate BEING. That child-like essence which lies within each and every one of us, yet gets stripped away somewhere down the road making us bitter, harsh, and resentful.

💞Creating the balance between our inner child and our higher self, is the teaching of Life. It's the daily practice of self love, deep listening, playfulness and hard work.

🕊️Going back to Phoenix, a place where I experienced so much darkness in my younger years, only to rise from those ashes and take flight into the light through love and adventure, was the best birthday gift I could have asked for.

💥The bridges we burn, truly do light the way. And when we go back to those barren memories, we create a new reality filled with whatever ingredients we wish. Mine, going forward, happen to be: love, grace, playfulness, focus, balance, courage, and adventure!

In Love, Light & Magic,


Leyla Salvade