There’s never been a more potent time. I know you can feel it, because we are ALL in it.

Along with Winter Solstice yesterday (December 21, 2018) and the Full Moon in Cancer (at 0 degrees) today, we are experiencing a POWERFUL frequency shift.

We can no longer deny this feeling that something is coming to a culmination of sorts, and it’s so much deeper than just the fact that 2018 is coming to a close. It’s been a palpable feeling in the air that ‘something is brewing’.

Change is never easy, nor is it fun. It is painful, frustrating, even if you’re conscious about it.

At the highest and deepest level what we are feeling is a shift…a split between 3D reality and 5D reality.

3D is what most of us have been living and experiencing as reality. It’s a reality where fear, pain, suffering, scarcity, ego, separation, and duality dominate. 5D reality reigns in abundance, love, unity, and harmony.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about this…YES, this sounds strange, and yet you’re at least aware that things are seemingly getting more and more intense on every level in not only your personal life, also within the world all around you. Just watch the (3D) news.

Art by Vladimir-Kush

Art by Vladimir-Kush

Many masters and ancient tribes have spoken about this time. It’s a New Earth, a New Paradigm.

The ‘split’ between 3D and 5D frequency took place in 2012, that’s what the Mayans were talking about. Yet, everything takes time to integrate, even within our own bodies, so of course Mother Earths’ body wouldn’t be any different. 
And today marks a powerful gateway after Divine Time giving space for Earth’s consciousness, as well as the collective consciousness, to integrate; creating a portal for those already living in, and conscious, of 5D reality, to be able to fully step into 5D consciousness.

There’s still about five years for those who are on the verge to fully integrate. 2020 is going to offer another huge gateway. And by the end of 2023 (numerology 7 meaning Truth with a capital T), those who still live in 3D reality will no longer co-exist with those who live in 5D reality. It has nothing to do with being better than, but rather that those on the same paths will be consolidated into the appropriate timeline so that they can continue their lessons in the most appropriate way. Those in 5D grade cannot be in the same classroom as those still in 3D. It’s that simple.

I share this all, because I’ve been studying and researching this in my own time, to not feel crazy and alone in my own understandings. To find the people who also know this to be true, whatever you want to call it. To find deep and clear understanding of what’s actually happening at SOURCE.

Since I was a little girl I looked and felt deep into things. I saw past the realm of 3D. I was born into 5D, seeing and being in deep communion with angels and fairies, being able to heal with my own two hands through intentional touch, practicing and playing with the healing properties of plants. I knew this to be the Truth, until I entered first grade and began to be teased, harassed, and ultimately physically beat up by many boys for a couple of years who ultimate were confused by my light and power. They couldn’t grasp it, and being in a very small Swiss town, having never seen anything but that town, they couldn’t grasp what reality I exuded. 
It didn’t take long for me, a six year old girl, to opt out of 5D and shift into 3D so that I wouldn’t continue being attacked. 
It took me many years, and DEEP deep {painful, scary, uncomfortable, traumatizing} inner work to re-member my Truth. And once I remembered, I made a promise to myself, to that little girl in first grade, that I would never let my light be dimmed again. No matter what.

So for anyone who resonates with the core occurrence of this Time, even if it’s a very shy voice deep within trying to speak over the ego and logic of your mind, know that there is another way. Know that there are many out there who are living a reality that IS Love. 
Begin to give that little voice within, the space to be heard, full-heartedly.

“The longest journey you will ever make in life is from your head to your heart.” - Moikanos

And so it is.

I love you.

May the friction we experience in this time of deep shift, ease up and release through the transcendent power of the Sacred Heart.

Leyla Salvade