The Choice Between Heart + Mind


This is the time(s) we've been speaking about all along.

The epic decision between heart and mind.

These times are one of the thinnest vails between light and dark we've ever experienced. It's all merging into ONE and yet ONE is LOVE.

I can feel it, all around me, and yet I feel strangely still and grounded as I already made my choice.

My heart has never felt stronger, more at ease, clear, still, and divinely guided.

Even if everything around me could so easily and suddenly choose another direction. 
My heart isn't scared. 
My mind wants to creep in with potent fear, terror, and judgement.
And through and through, I choose my hearts clear wisdom.

What will you choose?
Will you choose to let heaviness, fear, and the darkness of confusion in your mind lead the way forward...
Or will you choose to trust the clarity in your heart?

I know your heart may not seem clear right now, and I would invite you to take a deeper look. I would invite you to sit in silent reverence with your hands on your heart, your eyes closed, and just L.I.S.T.E.N.

I know there are souls feeling incredible amounts of pain right now. Suffering in silence, confusion, frustration. 
And to those of you in that scary space, I want to extend the most healing love and light to you. 
I feel you
I see you
I understand you
I love you

The pain feels real, and yet understand that this too shall pass. 
...if you choose to have courage and surrender the shadow aspects in you to the light. For the light of love to cradle them in the arms of the angels, letting your soul surrender into trust, and your heart feel a slice of heavenly stardust.



and follow your HEART.

Leyla Salvade