And even though it’s a love and hate, I’ve surrendered into the understanding of Unity Consciousness, to observe how both are necessary and equally needed in order to transcend into a higher awareness of ultimately - SELF actualization.

Right now we are transitioning out of the reality of polarity.
Duality will soon no longer be, as we step into the power of the heart - where unity consciousness reigns. Where light and dark become love, where fear and courage become graceful power….where ALL becomes ONE. 

And with this fully integrated understanding, I want to share a story with you of the journey I took in order to arrive at this clarity…



On August 23rd 2013 I moved from LA to New York City. This was a decision I rejected with every ounce of my being. And yet, when we deny our intuition, when we close our senses to the guidance of the universe, the universe stops conspiring FOR us, and begins to conspire AGAINST us, until we have the courage to TRUST our intuition, the voice in our heart, and the power of the universe to guide us towards our highest light. 

Once I decided to trust, I found a job and an apartment in New York within a week of having the courage to surrender.  And now all I had to do was had to get ready for this epic intuitive move. 

Before moving to New York, I had just conceived the idea for what would later become my company - Standing Light. And with Standing Light in my heart, conceptualizing in my womb; a job as a Global Events Manager for an international company, and an apartment in the Meatpacking District - that just so happened to be directly next to my office (synchronistically), I embarked on the journey of a lifetime!

I decided to move to the Big Apple on August 23rd in honor of an angel I had met in the City of Angels. I wanted to come to New York through the portal of love this angel and I had co-created together. And just as he moved back to his homeland of Belgium, a few days later, I moved to New York in celebration of this souls birth day into this world. We are still friends, and hold a high love for one another, as we continue to watch our lights shine in our perspective ‘homes.’ 

There is no greater gift from the universe than when love activates your light and shines your destiny into a clear path ahead. You simply have to have the courage to let go and FLY! 

Nine months after working as a global events manager in New York, I felt it was time to leave and fully focus on Standing Light. I went to LA to meet with my attorney, formed Standing Light LLC, had a few meetings, came back to NYC, packed everything I owned, put it into storage, went to my first self-development event led by Jonathan Fields called The Good Life Project Camp, where I met so many other entrepreneurs, and then moved back home to Switzerland for six months, while I waited for my next NYC apartment to be ready to greet me so that I could complete what I came here for, even though I still had no idea what that would be…yet. 


It was back home in Switzerland during those six months where the universe thrusted me into birthing Standing Light while being invited to speak for the first time ever….in front of 100 people at a conference in Zurich. Just a few days after that conference I also held my first Heart To Table dinner, a concept that had just been birthed as well. Within these few months I had been catapulted onto a path that I had no control over besides choosing to trust and continue following the guidance of my heart. 


I then came back to NYC and moved into an apartment overlooking the Statue of Liberty.

I didn’t know why I had to be in New York, but I kept hearing my heart tell me that I just had to be. I kept choosing to surrender and follow my hearts guidance so that when it was meant to be I would understand.

On August 4th 2018, five years later, almost exactly to the date that I had originally moved here, I came to understand why I had to come to New York. 

On August 4th 2018 I was walking along the river bank of New York, where the Hudson River converges with the East River and looks directly onto the Statue of Liberty. It was the middle of the night and I had put a soul call out to the universe for deeper guidance and clarity.
As I looked onto the statue it hit me like a ton of bricks! The Statue of Liberty IS the full embodiment of my company - Standing Light. She is the Lady of Light, who holds her light up high standing in her light, no matter what storm may weather.

The crazy thing is that I see her almost every day as she is the view from my bedroom window.
I see her before I fall asleep and first thing in the morning, and yet it took me five years to understand the view I had been blessed with all along! I always said, ‘Standing Light is my highest self.’


Exactly six months after the day I realized why I had come to New York, I flew to New Mexico to attend Gregg Bradens workshop; From Cell to Soul, Unleashing the Power of the Uncharted Heart. 

My heart knew this would be a profound integration of sorts. An experience that would be the culmination of a chapter completing.

Again, I didn’t know what would happen, but I trusted.   

During the four day workshop, a breath work master named Christian came in to guide us through a two part day Transformational Breath® workshop. 

In a room full of nearly 300 people, we were guided through what felt no different to a medicine ceremony. An experience that purely through the power of our breath had the ability to transform every soul in the room. For two hours we let our breath MOVE our souls. Each and every one of us had a unique experience. I experienced a two part transformation which re-oriented my spirit - completely. 

On the first day I purged - hard! I blacked out twice within the two hours of the first days Transformational Breath® workshop.  I think my soul just had to leave my body in order for what needed to process to flow through. When the two hours were up, my body started contracting in the most excruciating cramps. I felt like my womb was about to explode. The pain was in a sense purging all the pain, the heaviness, the fears of my ancestral lineage as well as the collective pain of our world. I was faced with a choice, I could either fight it and be afraid of it, or surrender to it and let it come THROUGH. Focusing on surrendering to it and not making the pain wrong or bad, giving it permission to flow through me - fully, the pain subsided within ten minutes!

From the start I had also been experiencing a growing vibrational power in both the palm of my hands and feet. It felt as if my hands and feet were on fire! And after the contractions in my womb space had subsided I had to focus on holding myself steady in a seated position on the floor, as this fire in my hands and feet was still vibrating strongly and making me feel dizzy and weak.

Thankfully the breath work was the last workshop of the day and I got to go back to my room to process and integrate. While processing I realized, I intuitively knew, that my personal breath work ceremony would be in a two part series. The first one was a release, a purging of what no longer served me, and the second day would be some kind of completion.

The next day we went straight into the breath work, starting the day off with what my whole system felt like rejecting and pulling out of due to anxiety and fear of having to go back into that kind of physical pain. But of course I surrendered and chose to trust and be courageous. 

In the second seating, I didn’t black out, I was conscious for the whole two hours in continuous deep breath work. The same power came back and vibrated like an epic flame in the palm of my hands and feet. I could have sworn that if I stood up that this power would have literally lifted me off the ground no different to a spaceship lifting off to go into outer space….I didn’t dare to test it, and I knew I had to sit with it and let it ALL flow through. Before I knew it my entire body began to vibrate with this power and a clarity came over me like I had never felt before. I asked the universe/God, “What is this? What am I experiencing? What is my message through this?” And all at once the clear message arrived in a vision. Showing me flashes of one of my favorite movies - The Fifth Element, and I realized, I was feeling MY POWER. My FULL power! My fully activated and integrated light vibrating through my entire being in full spectrum! The magnitude of the light, the power within me was so overwhelming once I realized what it was, I couldn’t help but begin to weep and also laugh with polarizing emotions of both terror and ecstasy. It made me feel both alone and whole all at the same time. It made me see and understand the universe in its entirety, and still feel blocked from seeing past certain veils I simply wasn’t meant to see through yet. 

After the two breath workshops aka ceremonies were complete, I had realized my most innate self. 

My element
Who I was
What I was
And the path I’m meant to continue on - more clearly than ever before. 

At the same time I remembered the sacred quote that came into my awareness the same day that the name - Standing Light was channeled through me. A quote that to this day is my most potent medicine. A quote I hold so dear to my heart and embodies Truth in my heart. The quote is by Marianne Williamson and the first lines of the full quote rang through my body like a domino effect of emanating aha’s!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."

- Marianne Williamson

It all dawned on me! The magnitude of the full circle healing and cycle I had just lived through - mind, body, heart and soul.

I had just gone through the final initiation process to become her - The Standing Light….the Statue of Liberty I seek out for guidance every night and day through my bedroom window, praying to her and giving her thanks for showing up as such a reflection in my life. 

It took five years and six months for me to FULL HEARTEDLY accept the full power of my light. To have the courage to fully surrender and trust to let this power within guide my every step forward. 

In fact it took me my whole life. Most of it, however, was an unconscious journey, and it was only through my darkest hour where I began to become conscious of this little voice within that had such a potent way about it, I simply had to follow it. I couldn’t deny it, even if I could not yet UNDERSTAND it. 

When we have the courage to trust the guidance of our heart, even though we don’t yet understand, we have fully embraced the power of our heart. 

In this epic heart journey, I have come to realize our most innate essence. It isn’t just mine, it is all of ours. We are ALL Standing Lights. We simply have to have the courage to stand in our lights, with our activated hearts. 

Today I celebrate the incarnation of Standing Light, in all her forms. I founded Standing Light March 17th 2014, and today Standing Light celebrates five years of unwavering light. Holding steady, no matter what storm I weathered, acting as my guide, as my higher self, until I’d be ready to fully embody the essence myself.

And I am sharing this with you not only to commemorate and celebrate the birth of Standing Light, I am sharing this because on April 5th, my 31st birthday, I will be launching the clear expression of Standing Light. 

Standing Light is a direct reflection of who I am. And without being clear myself, nothing around me can be either. Even though I have created so much through Standing Light; events, workshops, talks, retreats, coaching, healings etc., it still was never clear (I know) what Standing Light actually was and what I actually do. 

And as I stand here in my fully realized light, I want to give you a little glimpse of what is to be launched on April 5th…..


I moved to New York in a portal of love and light, I realized the reason of why I had to move here while I was in the second most powerful portal of love and light, and even though that is more of a personal account, I share this because it is only through the heart that we can realize our light. And we can only realize the power of our heart through LOVE. I’ve been blessed to be gifted with some of the most beautiful reflectors in my life. Souls who have been able to reflect such love back at me, that I remember my most innate expression.

We need one another to reflect our most innate essence at each other. That’s why we are all here experiencing this thing called Life together. Love is the greatest reflector and when we come together in that kind of power, we have the ability to transform like never before. It is an activator, a catalyst. This kind of transformation takes deep trust, as we hold one another through the journey from fear into love, from dark into light, from hopelessness into excitement, and from self-doubt into self-worth.

And as I stand here in my fully activated heart and integrated light, ready to weather any storm while staying anchored in my light and love, I cannot wait to share with you on April 5th, the newest expression of and through Standing Light.

I hope that you can trust me.

I love you. 

And always remember, to trust and follow your heart. 

♡ Leyla 

Leyla Salvade