Sacred Feminine Rising

I never quite understood the Sacred Feminine until recently.

But I didn’t FEEL it. 
I didn’t know it as one would ones own child. 
I didn’t have that intimate core connection with it. 
I wasn’t connected to the FEELING of it - full heartedly.

This year has beard SO much fruitfulness into my life. 
Not only am I going through my Saturn return, 
I have been falling deeper and deeper in-love with myself. 
Giving way to the WISDOM birthed through my heart 
and expressed through my womb - the sacral chakra - where creativity and life is born from.

But to create something through grace, 
it must birth through the heart 
through the filter of divine love.

Something has awoken inside of me
Through me
Directly fueled and channeled from a deeper core
A more profound connection 
A source understanding and knowing 
Which reverberates WISDOM through my channel, 
my oracle of light

And so I fall, I surrender, and I receive deeper and deeper love. 
It’s a self-love that is self-less. 
Because it is fueled, 
and directly connected 
to the Divine Feminine
To Mother -
Mother Earth

Our maternal instincts and powers are shared and received 
through this wild and free flowing network
Which grows through 
our expanded energetic sisterhood -
root system 
Through the roots of grandmother willow and trees alike
Into the core of Mother Earth
Connecting ALL sisters, mothers, and grandmothers

It’s a free-energy system 
that every woman is connected to 
and can tap into at any given moment
A united sisterhood
Connected by one Mother
Mother Earth

Constantly flowing through us
Pushing through us
awakening us deeper and deeper to her core

And for the first time I understand my greater mission.
I understand my duty.
Which also helps me define what I need 
in order to fulfill my duty.
It heightens my core knowing, 
my self-preservation, 
and my power.

It deepens my grounding into 
the CORE 
the COEUR 
the heart 
of Mother Earth 
Letting my roots intertwine from my heart to hers
Sharing the same master beat
The same beat that echoes across time and space 
into the universe
The same beat that Father Sun is fueled by 
to keep shining his bright light.
For without her nurturing resonance, 
his rays would have no direction.

And so I stand in my light
I bare the loss of direction HE endures at times, 
without judgement
with unconditional love.
Because I KNOW that is the divine power and gift within me 

Like birth, it will hurt.
It is painful, and incomprehensible to him

But I will keep resonating the truth from my core
he find his way back into his heart.

He will most likely never understand what I endure. 
How I can create life, in more than one way, 
because I know how to hold a kind of space 
like no creature can.

And so I let the DIVINE FEMININE RISE within me
Through me
I surrender 
I surrender
Into this deeper wisdom
Which cradles me like the love of my mother would when I was just a child, 
crying to be understood
to be loved and taken care of
and fully seen
When only my mother would understand the cry 
Because she too, had to accept her sacred duty
And surrender to the lessons of the sacred feminine

So let it rise through us all sisters! 
Knowing, we have space and permission to express fully, 
E.V.E.R.Y. part of ourselves when we simply must

Just like Mother Earth
She nurtures us with life force,
With food, with water, air, and beauty
And when she must
When she simply must act out her rage for the stuck energy to shift and make way for the new
She tsunamis her way through villages
She tornadoes through towns
And she hails through glass.

SO that the collective and sacred feminine can rise again 
Through the rubble of ego
And awaken a collective effort between man and woman
To work together and heal
What was no longer working
Because it had fallen from it’s core
From grace
Out of the heart 
into ego

For you are MOTHER
You are EARTH
You are a sacred part of the DIVINE FEMININE NETWORK
And you are the CORE, 
the COEUR, 
the HEART 
through which the sound of love 
resonates across time and space, 
into the universe.

and sometimes.....
most of the times....
let the echoes of that love flowing through the wind
surrender you into the unbreakable hands 
of the Divine Feminine 
so that you 
can blow gentle breezes of love 
into the rage and through the fear
so that you can re-member and SEE 
the little girl within 
who knew and understood the connective tissue between 
mother earth and herself 
as she sang in the forest with her fairies
gathered flowers from the field
and ran under the trees to seek refuge from the world and reconnect to the womb energy

because she believed in all the magic 
that exists all around us....
when we choose to surrender into grace, 
when we choose to love ourselves, 
and create space to manifest
from that sacred space of love 
and indomitable faith 


So look at her precious face, kiss her forehead
hold her soft cheeks 
and gaze into her innocent eyes. 
and remember your mission,
of loving and protecting her
and not letting the pain, the rage, and the fear 
poison her innocence. 
Just like our mothers and grandmothers tried to do the same for us.

So that when a man, 
the sacred masculine 
decides to show up, 
even though there will be many moments of having to show him the way....back into his heart,
you can come from a space of love.

And together, 
nurture, love, and adore one another...
and eventually, 
you two can create 
love & light.

...from the ONE united masculine/feminine heart.
Powered by the wisdom of Mother Earth & Father Sun.

Birthing our divine united mission of, Heaven.On.Earth.

Leyla Salvade