Morning Petal Elixir


Serves 1 1. 1/2 cup of frozen mango

2. Teaspoon of chia seeds

3. Table Spoon of Maca powder

4. Teaspoon Flaxseeds

5. Tablespoon Tocotrienol

6. Teaspoon Udo's Oil

7. 1 Cup unsweetedened almond mil

8. Pinch of celtic sea salt

Simply add everything into the blender (Vitamix) and turn on until at desired blend. Add ice if desired, but the frozen mango will already give it an iced effect.

Top with rose petals and lavender for fun and unique taste!

Most importantly, remember to have fun, experiment and play with the different textures and colors! The energy we emanate while cooking, goes into our food.

Bon appetit!