More Heart

On Day 3 of A-Fest during the Blue Zone party, I had the honor and pleasure of leading a Sacred Sharing Circle for participants. Giving back to a tribe that's given so much to me, filled my heart with joy. And being able to guide these beautiful souls into their heart space is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

The feedback was overwhelming, people were starved for heart connection.

More and more, the power of the heart is bubbling to the surface - again. This ancient wisdom that the Egyptians understood so clearly, the Kogis of Colombia live by, and the scientists of HeartMath, along with so many other courageous souls, are carrying forth, is once again beginning to see the light of day.

I truly believe that once the greater population re-members the power of their hearts, and learns how to connect both the brain and the heart, peace on Earth will be a clear reality.

It is my mission in life to share every moment of my waking life helping individuals re-gain clear access to their hearts. It is why I created Standing Light and Heart To Table (if you haven't watched my logo video, make sure to check it out)!

So many of us have been conditioned to think the heart is weak, that emotions are for sissies. When in fact there is nothing more powerful than the heart.

The heart is 60 times stronger electronically, and 5000 times stronger magnetically than the brain.

In your heart you have approximately 40,000 specialized cells that are like brain cells, but they're not in your brain, they're in your heart. They are called sensory neurites. They are concentrated in such a degree that they call it the 'little brain in the heart.

This means that these neurites - the little brain in the heart, can learn independently from the neurons in our brain, they can think independently from the neurons in our brain, and they can remember independently from the neurons in our brain. They communicate with us separately from the neurons in our brain, in a language that we may or may not recognize, because we are conditioned to see the world through our brain.

And if we're lucky at some point in our adult lives, we get to connect with our hearts.

I always understood this concept in the deepest part of myself. It's how I always functioned. But when a patriarchal teacher began to shun me for my 'different' way of learning, calling me stupid to my face when I was only nine years old in the Swiss school system, because I wasn't good at math, yet excelled in any kind of creative topics and athletics, I took this belief system on. 
I adopted it as a reality, until I woke up one day and re-membered the truth of who I truly am, shook off all the societal judgements and structures that were never designed to push me forward into my highest self, and I dove heart-first into learning - in the way my heart knew was right for me.

We have access to these sensory neurites. We can work with the brain independently of our heart, and most of us know how to do this very well. We can also work with the heart independently from the brain. But both of those ways are incomplete.

When we marry the heart and the brain together, when we harmonize the heart and the brain, this is the extended neural network that makes us different from all forms of life. This is where our DEEPEST empathy, compassion, and intuition, comes from.

The benefits of harmonizing the little brain in our heart to the big brain, provides us with being able to process information really quickly. We gain fast information recall.

Because when we access information from our heart, with our intuition, we don't go through: the logic, the fear, the self esteem, and all the doubt that we have in our brain with our ego and all our mental functions. Our heart doesn't work that way.

When we harmonize our heart and our brain, what we're doing is opening up a direct and clear channel to process information through the most powerful system in the universe. 
It's a hotline to the subconscious. This is also where and how healing begins in our bodies.

Extraordinary states of intuition....deep intuition, becomes available through this harmonizing of the heart and the brain.

I truly believe that AI and VR are modeled after this kind of power and intelligence. I believe we are giving up and handing over our highest potential to sources outside of ourselves. It's similar to the next pharmaceutical pill, where we hand over our power of healing and upgrading ourselves, to something that will only temporarily solve an issue, yet never the source cause, causing an endless cycle of needing more outside sources to 'fix' us. When in reality, the only true healing comes from within - from our heart aka self love.

I am a constant student, as the heart brain harmony possibilities are endless. The power of the heart quite literally does bend reality. Just think about the moments when love took over you and time/space became endless. This state of being in-love, in the heart, IS our element, LOVE is the most innate HUMAN ELEMENT.

One of our greatest teachers, Mark Nepo, said that each creature has it's own unique element, and each creature must find their own God given element. It’s easy for a fish or a bird, they know their element, but for human beings it’s not so easy. With well intentions we always struggle whether to follow our heart and our direct experience, and the advice and instructions of others. Whether they be parents, loved ones, friends, trends in whatever age we’re born into. But there’s no substitute for following the aliveness that our heart TUNES us to.

Love is the element of us humans, and the day we arrive and connect back to our element, is the day we awaken.

I commit to continuously learning, bending my own reality through expanding my hearts intelligence, and helping others re-member their element - LOVE.

Thank you Vishen (Numinous Visionary) for creating sacred space at Afest for tribe members to connect to their hearts. Thank you Lolla for helping me organize the sacred sharing circle. And thank you to one of my dearest friends Jason for giving me such a warm introduction. I love you both deeply.

May we connect to our hearts and discover our light <3

Leyla Salvade