Light vs Dark

Just like day and night, when we let go of the illusion of duality and surrender into the notion that just like the sun rises every morning and night will fall every evening, we too have our sacred ebbs and flows. 
Accepting and honoring the fact that the heavy, the painful, the scary, and the confusing, comes in waves to help us push into a higher dimension of ourselves to receive breakthroughs and push us forward with lessons learned.

So when the darkness comes, honor it, let it rise up through you, and with a curious heart, look at it with a loving smile, and ask:
What am I meant to learn from this?
How can I grow from this?
How can I show up for myself in deeper self love for this to grow me?

Be gentle, loving, and deeply patient with yourself, and have the courage to let all the feelings, all the fears, and all the lessons flow through you, so that when the sun is meant to rise again, you can rise with it, into a higher version of yourself.

Leyla Salvade