Lady Liberty of Light - Standing Light


Dance and fashion have always been my secret love! 
When I was a teenager, I would lock my door, black out my room by closing all the shutters, *BLAST* music on my stereo, and dance my HEART OUT in pure darkness!
The light that would burst from my heart, would literally light up my room. And it was in those moments where I could see more clearly than EVER in the years where insecurity ran wild through my body and would shut down my hearts expression any other moments.

I've always been an artist at heart. I've been creating and expressing through dance, collage art, mixed media sculpture, photography, creative writing, and fashion, since I can remember. This artistic drive, a deep mission to express BEAUTY into this world, would land me at the Harvard of fashion - Central Saint Martin's, where the likes of the biggest names in fashion regaled, and I ended up working as the youngest backstage manager at London Fashion Week. Yet that wasn't enough, it wasn't embodied beauty, and I would forge forward, following my heart until I found the right fit to express this vision of beauty that lived so clearly in my heart.

Dance, is how I feel in-spirit. So as I got older, the only place I had found space to express both dance and fashion in one, was the club - nightclubs. 
I got swooped up into that lifestyle for years, not realizing that by expressing myself in that space meant adapting/dimming my light to a fixed ego-centric reality where hearts were SHUT DOWN by alcohol and other substances.

It wasn't until I moved to New York, where I was shown another way.

I never wanted to move to New York, and that's a whole other story for another day, yet against all odds, I decided to surrender, follow my intuition and move to NYC.

I trusted that when it was meant to be, I would understand WHY.

New York crystalized me and brought my hearts vision to life! 
It showed me - literally and figuratively - who I am, and who I am meant to be, over and over again, in so many sacred ways.

One of which is the divine Lady of Light aka The Statue of Liberty. 
If statues could be spirit animals, she would be mine. 
And it's no coincidence that my bedroom window looks out at her!

I was meant to come to NYC to see my mirror, to observe the sacred feminine standing - unwavering - in her divine light, beaming her essence no matter what storm may whether. A goddess of liberty and justice for all. 
Grounded and deeply connected to Mother Earth, letting Father Sun light her fire, as she holds her book of values and visions close to her heart.

When we have the courage to surrender and follow our heart, even though it may make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE at first, we are telling the universe 'I TRUST YOU, GUIDE ME.' And when we have the courage to surrender from our ego, from fear of the unknown, into our trusting heart, a world of MAGIC is revealed to us. 
Giving way for synchronicity to SHOW us, guide us, and lead the way forward. Like street signs, those are universal signs affirming our direction.... our path.

And so I chose to surrender, trust in my hearts guidance, even though at the time it made no sense, and I was guided to my ultimate teacher, and given new ways to express - in pure light and love, through forward thinking communities like DAYBREAKER and so many more!

Communities and experiences where you wake your body up dancing to the sunrise on a boat, with green juice in hand, dressed up to unique themes (this one being NAUTICAL), joined by a group of 800 souls who dance for the same reasons of love and self-expression, with beaming, smiling hearts, accepting one another without judgements, leaving ego at the door.


And this is me just a couple days ago at @dybrkr on a boat next to my ultimate teacher - Lady of Light, dressed up to my inner-childs creative desires in my artistic expression of a 'Nautical' theme, beaming from my heart being high on love after dancing my way into the light - into the day with the sunrise, surrounded by so many of my best friends.

My path has guided me to create expressions of embodies beauty through @hearttotable, where all the experiences from my past join forces - in the light, and bring inner child/self love/expression, courage, trust, healing and transformation, together - onto and around one table. Sharing in a sacred circle of love.

I used to be scared, and it's still a constant learning, to have the courage to fully express ALL of me. Dressed up, joyous, creative, in my wild, and at the same time grounded in love. 
The fear of being fully seen, is something we are conditioned to fear from the time we are born.

And this is precisely why my HEARTS VISION is to support the transition, the transformation, the untethering, the unfolding, the letting go of the chains that shackles us to anything but our TRUEST SELF!

This is why a broken chain lies at her feet of The Statue of Liberty, as she walks forward into the light, leaving what no longer serves her....behind.

So let your heart rip open, let your heart burst into flames of illuminating light, as you have the courage to surrender into your truest self!

I love you, I trust you, I SEE YOU.

And I see US - together as one united beating heart, standing in our unique and divine liberty, creating justice for all.

@thegetdownparty, @5rhythms, @ecstatic_dance, @dybrkr, @afest, @mindvalley, @houseofyesnyc for being the way-seers of our new enlightened TIME 🙏🙌

Leyla Salvade