Goddesses have been linked with virtues such as beauty, love, motherhood, and fertility. They have also been associated with ideas such as war, creation, and death.

The power of the feminine is one most of us are just getting comfortable with. It’s only just beginning to settle into our skin, how in fact deeply powerful the divine feminine actually is. 

The subtle power of it, which can seem like an alchemical infusion of magic at times, is a kind of art which logic cannot comprehend. Even the most powerful, secure men, fear 'it.' 
And yet, as with anything, it is never the fear of the expression itself, but rather the fear of not understanding something in the way most have been conditioned to comprehend life itself - through logic. 

If you want to understand the power of the feminine, let go of the attachment to logic, and experience the trust within the WISDOM OF THE HEART. If you want to get a feel for the power of a woman, try on PATIENCE. If you want to understand the resilience of a woman, step into the MIRACLE OF BIRTH.

It is women who were chosen to hold and birth LIFE itself. It is the body of a woman that can expand to such a degree, endure a kind of unimaginable pain, and once birthed, against all logic still have the ability to practice unconditional love towards that child. That should be honored as the greatest power known to man. 

And yet what cannot be understood, is precisely what is feared. 
The power of the feminine is divinely linked to the power of the heart. A power which flows with a kind of grace, unimaginable to the mind. A kind of space that is too broad for logic. A form of resilience that the brain registers as weak. 

And so the feminine has for that reason, been confused as weakness for far too long. And yet it is merely a way, a different form of expression of power. It is time now, for the masculine to have the courage to LISTEN. Not only to women, but to the feminine aspect within themselves, as we are all made up of both aspects within. It is time for the sacred masculine and sacred feminine to UNITE. 

The power of the heart is a unified field. There is no separation within the heart. Love is ONE. 
It is time to UNITE our powers through the feminine aspects of love, understanding, patience, and willingness, so that we can activate the balanced masculine of BUILDING new UNITED world.

Leyla Salvade