Upgrade To A LightStyle


When I started Standing Light, I had no idea what I was doing. I never created a business plan, and instead followed my “heart plan”. Through this unusual method, I discovered a beautiful, new way of life, something I came to call a LightStyle.

So, what on earth is a LightStyle, and how is it different from a lifestyle?

The lifestyle most of us live out on a daily basis has conditioned us to function from our heads rather than our hearts. It’s got us running around, drained, stressed out, and controlled by the voice in our head that tells us we “can’t”. We forget that we can still dream and play like we did when we were young, back when our hearts were wild and free.

A LightStyle is a holistic approach to life that integrates conscious daily practices, heart intelligence, environmental awareness, and mindfulness. Think of a LightStyle as an upgrade you can choose for yourself and apply to the world around you.

Living a LightStyle sets you free to embark on your wildest adventure yet. Where you harness your own power, become the ruler of your destiny, surrender into joy, and let go of what no longer serves you.

Imagine for a moment your phone is prompting you to accept the most recent iOS/Android upgrade. Would you accept? I think most of us would, and we do, because we want to stay up to date with the latest and greatest.

I’ve come to realize that HUMANS are the most intelligent technology ever designed. Our capability to adapt, evolve, create, design, and build, is our most innate mission. The trick is, we must choose it. We must press the ‘ACCEPT’ button and have enough patience for the downloading process to fully integrate. Will there be bugs and future updates to be installed? Of course! We are designed for change and we can handle it. I promise.

PS. Side effects may include feeling seriously LIT UP!

To get started with your very own LightStyle upgrade, I’ve created a video series called, How To Live A LightStyle. In this series I start with upgrades that you can integrate into your life starting today.

A new video will be released each week for the next ten weeks. Take a look and get your LightStyle on!

In Love & Light,