I came home. 

Home where my family lives. 
Home where the birds sing the songs I grew up hearing. 
Home where my heart first began to beat and guide me with every vibration forward. 
Home where I cried for the first time, smiled for the first time, laughed for the first time. 
Home where my soul began to learn the powers of our sacred Mother Earth. 
Home where my spirit first communed with the Divine Universe. 
Home where I experienced my first beating from a boy.
Home where I chose the power of forgiveness.
Home where I witnessed magic, which I now call the activated heart power. 
Home where I learnt how to run faster than most. 
Home where I had my first kiss. 
Home where I learnt how to be alone yet never feel alone. 
Home where sports and art were my sanctuary. 
Home where I learnt how to speak multiple languages and gracefully weave in the many cultures of our world. 
Home where my mother taught me table manners for the day I'd be 'eating next to the royals.'
Home where I became a gold medalist in the national team of Switzerland for Rhythmic Gymnastics. 
Home where the only currency that has any worth is compassion.
Home where I learnt how to snowboard as fast and crazy as 'the boys'. 
Home where I collected all the natural treasures of the world such as snail shells galore. 
Home where I'd go as far and deep into the forest to test and practice my inner compass - intuition. 
Home where I began keeping an apothecary of herbs as a little girl, and thought the perfume I made my mother out of dandelion flowers was a winner, when really the only good thing about it was the thought that counted. 
Home where I began designing compounds in my room with Barbie's homes and polly pocket. 
Home where I choreographed daces to Ace of Base and Britney Spears. 
Home where my forth grade teacher called me stupid to my face and imprinted a ten year old girl with a limiting belief she would have to unravel for many years to come. 
Home where I played with my angels and fairies no different than the way I played with my human friends. 
Home where I always knew I'd never live, but would always call home. 
Home where I run to whenever my heart needs mending. 
Home where my mother always knows exactly how to lift me when I fall. 
Home where my sister grows into a more beautiful woman every day. 
Home where the rich culture fills my soul with grounded recognition.
Home where I learnt the power of high and deep observation. 
Home where my heart opened when it learnt what it meant to be heard, understood, and trusted - full heartedly with honor. 

Home where I know that whenever I need to be re-birthed into a higher version of myself, it will cradle me in its sacred womb and help my metamorphosis take place with grace. 

I've had the blessing of calling many places home in my life, but home is where family lives and where your best friends come to see you for all that you are, 
and reflect to you all that you will be. 

In this sacred time of transformation, I have experienced a power within like never before. This power is the light within. One that for so many lifetimes was used and abused. 
A light that in this lifetime I swore never to have dimmed.
A light that is so powerful, most cannot understand it.
A light so bright that most project their own darkness onto it. 
A light that has traversed through the far reaches of many dimensions and always guided me back home. 

A light that no matter what I must give up, I choose to protect and shine, because it is my innate truth. 

I came home to re-instate my light. 
To proclaim my own sovereignty. 
To be re-born into a higher love, a higher light.
And to fully embody a Standing Light - no matter what storm may weather, so that my light can help willing hearts - always find their own way back home by mere reflection. 

Connect to your heart, and discover your light....and you will always be home <3

Leyla Salvade