Face to Face with My Mission

Six years ago today I moved from The City of Angels to The Big Apple.

In my heart I had become aware that my two years living in LA was a time of ‘limbo’ before my next big step. I never wanted to live in NYC, yet I kept getting this intuitive call that ‘I had to.’ And after denying my intuition long enough, which didn’t make life easy as it never is when you don’t follow your hearts wisdom, I finally chose to trust and surrender and get a taste of this famed Big Apple. 
Like with most things in my life, I didn’t know why or how, but I knew in divine time, I would understand. 
I never knew that this move, which was only supposed to be for three years max, before moving back home to Europe, would become my greatest time of learning and expansion yet. 
New York would become my greatest teacher. It is here where I faced my greatest shadows, my biggest fears, and my deepest limiting beliefs....only to find my light at the core of my being, and realize the epitome of what Standing Light truly means.

No amount of trusting and surrendering to the wisdom of your heart will ever prepare you for the magnitude of magic that comes along with such trust. As the company name ‘Standing Light’ was born in the City of Angels, the wings of angels would guide me to an apartment with a direct view of the Statue of Liberty....and even though it would take me five years to actually SEE what I was meant to come here for all along, it unfolded for me in my souls divine timing, to shape me, refine me, and strengthen me, so that once I SAW, I wouldn’t be intimidated by such light and power, but rather, I would be able to stand side by side - in honor and integrity next to a statue that guides souls into a ‘new world’ no matter what storm weathers.

This year has been the greatest awakening of my life, as through great pain and darkness comes profound growth and lessons. And not a day goes by that I don’t find myself in the most awe inspiring gratitude, liberated through the most profound trust in myself I’ve ever known, that no matter what, I am standing stronger than ever in my core light, ready to share my new world of understandings with souls who are ready to stand - side by side with me - in their light.

Always remember to trust the guidance of your heart, for it will lead you to exactly where you’re meant to be.


Leyla SalvadeComment