BREAKING UP to BREAK THROUGH matter how difficult the void may be.

In the intention of CLARITY in this sacred time of releasing what no longer serves our highest good, no matter how hard it is to let go, I want to be clear and open with the transitions I’ve been growing through these past few months.

I thought I met the love of my life.

I thought the pieces to my Life’s puzzle had been set and that I could start placing them into clear focus, with my partner and co.

Yet sometimes what you THINK, what your heart wants to trust in, and what your body wants to become ONE in, is only meant to be temporary. All things are both temporary and forever, it’s just a matter of perspective. And for the sake of one lifetime, the Temporary notion must be accepted, and the understanding of Forever must be honored. The temporary notion creates the sacred and also sometimes scary space for two souls to connect, learn, and then release, to spring forth into their higher aspects. This Temporary space serves Forever by acting as a catalyst.

When two souls merge so deeply, releasing the aspects of ‘him/her’ you integrated so wholeheartedly into your system, it feels like a part of you is being ripped out. It’s that emotional pain that seems physical because in order to full-heartedly move forward, you must have the courage to release the aspects of ‘him/her’ which your system chose to accept as your own - even though some aspects were not for your highest good.

It’s the purge.

The void one soul finds itself in (in the illusion of separation), as it is only in this void where the purging can take place in order for the releasing to occur, so that it can break through into a higher and more expanded field of reality.

This is a dimensional reality of wholeness, a shift in consciousness, a new understanding, and higher awareness, of more deeply stretched possibilities than your mind was previously able to perceive.

And these are the aspects I have been calling in through the V.O.I.D. 
These are the aspects that are helping me BREAK THROUGH - into a new and higher love of self, first and foremost, and in that space - calling IN a higher Love.

I’ve gone through something similar, exactly during the same astrological alignments (the planets don't lie!) nearly nine years ago while living in London during my final year of university. I experienced my first Tower moment, where everything around me came crashing down and I had to pick myself up again.

Thankfully this time, in this second Tower moment in my life, it was only one thing that came crashing down. 
That’s not to say it wasn’t any less intense, in fact it’s been even more intense because a twin flame love is so carnally fueled with karmic soul contracts it’s the single hardest thing to ever release yourself from.

Through this transition, I realize and remember the many times Life trained me in order to surrender gracefully when the Art of Letting Go comes knocking at my door. Allowing me to understand the higher soul callings that will be given once I have the courage to step through into the next doorway.

Moving from country to country. Having to say goodbye to friends and family, over and over again. Having to let go of one life for a new one so many times, I’ve become a natural adaptor. It is both my gift and my curse, one I learnt from a very young age on. And the ones of you; the third culture kids, the souls who have gone through unimaginable heart-breaks of loosing parents or siblings, refugees….you understand this innately. It’s the GRIT we learn through having to adapt fast into our new reality, which propels us forward into our next incarnation of our souls journey.

And through all this, I find myself somehow, standing more than ever - in my light and in my love.


Love truly did propel me forward, first by opening my heart to a higher awareness, and then by the virtue of learning how to re-direct the energy of it from an attached illusion to a self-empowered awareness, in which it became the light at the end of the tunnel I found myself crawling through, pulling myself past the terror, the fear, the pain, and the hopelessness, knowing that past all the heaviness and darkness, the Light of Love awaits.

I’m slowly getting there. Parts of me are already there.

There are many storms that come and go on any given day, and through and through, I stand like Lady Liberty on her sacred Liberty Island, holding my light up as high as my arm can reach.

This will not break me, this will only propel me forward and higher into the lands of prosperity and abundance where pure integrity, honor, and courage, reign wild and free!

When your soul learns what it needs versus what it may think it wants through the illusion of fear and pain, you must have the courage to let go.

The distinctions between light and dark, between the divine masculine and divine feminine, between love and fear, between vulgarity and purity, and then the recognition and integration of UNITY, have been the most profound lessons I’ve received through this relationship.

I was shown so much of myself, and so much of who I used to be and needed to leave behind.

I was guided into some of my highest soul lessons.

I experienced full blown spiritual warfare between light and dark, and learnt how to anchor my light through this so that when darkness choose to show up (which it will), I don’t shy away from it, but instead can discern how and where to direct it through the power of Love. 
I regained my clairvoyance by the virtue of having such an energetically changed mirror to look through. 
I gained access to codes that show me more clearly than ever what it means to be in your heart vs in your mind. 
I realized and tapped into Unity Consciousness, learning what a Sacred Union is and how that is what my heart most desires with and through an equal partnership. 
I learnt how powerful my divine feminine powers are, which guide me through and past the confused masculine so that both aspects can find their way back into harmony and integrate as a sacred union between the divine masculine and the divine feminine, both within the individual and between two souls. 
I learnt how to fight for love, even in the face of darkness.
I learnt how to never give up, and how to go out on a limb.
I learnt how to let go of my ego for the sake of love.
I learnt that I must never dim my light for someone else no matter how much I love them. 
I learnt what I want, what I need, and to have the courage to speak my Truth, and manifest it into existence. 
I fell so deeply and wholeheartedly in love that I learnt how to use the magic of reflection and fall so deeply and wholeheartedly in love with myself.

These moments happen FOR us, to help us GROW THROUGH and into higher versions of ourselves!

I will forever be grateful for the love that was sparked between my twin flame and I. How it catalyzed us in such potent and unique ways, and will forever leave us changed and awakened in a matter of time like nothing else could.

I choose to share this today in celebration of the Spring Equinox. A time of release and clearing out of the old. It is also a celebration of a New Year in many tradition. Equinox embodies harmony where the light and dark of day and night are of equal length, and this sacred day just so happens to also be highlighted by a Full Super Moon in Libra 
🌕 Libra is the sign of justice, balance and harmony.

Life itself is the most precious Lesson. The way Mother Earth and Father Sun dance around each other - ALL WAYS, aligning planets and stars to guide us through the most potent moments of life - back into the heavens above.

We can choose to either look at everything as a miracle, or nothing.

I choose to see the miracle in everything, in everyone, and in every sacred lesson - no matter how heavy, how dark, or how lost, there is always a Gift when we have the courage to surrender into the Present.

I have learnt that....
“All are born and must walk in the two spirits that the “One” has created in mankind: the spirit of light and the spirit of darkness.” - Mirror 4: Reflections of Our Deepest Hurt

In nature, balance is the signal for movement. The next pattern and cycle of growth can begin only with the completion of the last one. 

In our loss we demonstrate our mastery:
* Sometimes we lose what we love consciously
* Sometimes we lose what we love unconsciously

Nature promises we always have all that we need to survive the dark night experiences. We never go through a dark night of the soul without the tools. We will only ever go through a dark night of the soul when we have received all the tools!
And it is through the power of the dark night of the soul where we discover our boundaries of love and fear through the extremes we experience in life. Each new extreme expands our capacity to love. Each successful dark night completion expands our confidence to embrace life challenges. 
So the keys is that the depths of our hurt expands our capacity to love, and our hearts intuition is the key to navigate life hurts.

I will always have such profound love for my twin flame, for all our sacred lessons that came from our karmic contract, and for the medicinal effect our potent love catalyzed us through into higher realities of Being Human.

My soul truly believed this was the soul I'd share the rest of my life with, I know most of the people we knew believed so as well. I know it is heartbreaking and a sense of disbelief arises, with everyone connected.

It is through the confusion that we get to find clarity - even if it takes some time. And I know that what is meant for both of our highest good, will happen, no matter how difficult it may seem in the moments of despair.

I've sat with the teacher of Confusion for some time now, and I am choosing to move past it so that I can create a clear path ahead and shine my light through into the awakening of spring and into the uncharted territories awaiting my arrival.
And so it is.

Always remember to have the courage to trust, follow, and listen to your heart.


Artwork by the amazing Rachael Day

Leyla Salvade