Using Anger For Good


Get Angry, It’s Ok: Using Anger For Good


“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one that gets burned.” –Buddha

We are living, breathing beings. When it comes to emotions we can feel the vibrant light: excitement, happiness, love, etc. We can also feel the darkest emotions: pain, sadness, and anger. Though we cannot avoid these feelings, we can use them to move forward. The battle between darkness and light is constant but always teaches us more.

Bottling up our anger is like holding in negative energy, it grows and burns inside us making it almost impossible to move on. Allowing anger to take control of us can eventually lead to health issues and change who we are. As we seethe and focus on only the source of our anger that exactly is what we become: a source of dark, toxic feelings. The toxicity can transform us into dark beings and destroy relationships and even our lives.

Understanding the cause of our anger is a start. “What about this situation is making me mad?” There are many questions to follow but taking the time to begin that identification process is already a positive change. Think to yourself, how you would benefit from remaining angry, is it worth the negative energy?

After you discover the root of your anger, talk about it. You can write it down, record your voice, or have a good old-fashioned time out and talk to yourself. Use your anger to get creative. Allow yourself a few moments to breathe and let the anger flow and dissolve. Do not allow the darkness you feel to be bottled up.

Sometimes it needs to be a physical release, and that is ok as long as the physical nature is not harmful to you or someone else. Go for a walk and let the anger out with each step, find a staircase and race up and down a few times to speed up the release, or do a series of slow, simple yoga poses. Your shift in focus will allow your anger to be released through the breath and the movements.

The release of anger will take a weight off your shoulders, and who doesn’t love that feeling? Remember that we all get angry and have to let anger run it’s course. Anger is not always bad, it just needs to have a proper release.

Instead of ignoring anger, we can acknowledge it, let go, and use it to grow.

With light filled regards,

SL Team