The Power of Self Confidence


The Power of Self Confidence

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We all know there is a difference in being confident and being narcissistic, but what is confidence? Merriam-Webster defines it as a feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances. Breaking this down we can understand that confidence comes from within. By understanding how much power we truly have we can let our confidence shine through.

Of course this is easier said than done, we are mere mortals after all! We will always be in flux between the high of feeling grateful and good about ourselves, and struggling through the darker notions of low self-esteem. The darkness of doubt is so quick to overshadow our light, and it’s in those moments where we need a little pick-me-up to remember what wonderful standing lights we really are.

Here are 3 ways to boost confidence and re-ignite your inner light:

1. Accept what you are feeling and move past it.

We are tested on a daily basis, from minute tasks to big deals we have to see through. Of course our intention is to do our best, but no matter how hard we try, sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way we envisioned it. Instead of feeling badly about it not working out and giving up, accept that even though it may not seem so, there is a bigger picture, a light at the end of the tunnel we simply cannot see yet, and when it’s meant to be, the real reason, the bigger picture will reveal itself. That is called the ‘aha’ moment, or divine intervention. Letting the universe flow in its magical ways, rather than fighting it, will be one of the most powerful lessons to let guide you in moments of pure doubt giving way to a confidence that is beyond your own ego.

(Understanding that those moments are stepping-stones and using them to better ourselves will help us move to a place where we feel comfortable and let our confidence shine through.)

2. Use your passion to get you through.

In moments of major self doubt instead of remaining lost, think about something you are passionate about. What lights you up? What makes your heart shine? Finding something to inspire you can help push you through and reach your inner confidence. Talking about an unfamiliar topic during a meeting or when introducing yourself it can be awkward, and generally make us feel some doubt. You aren’t 100% sure what it is you are talking about and that reflects in your confidence levels. Think about something you are passionate about, do you notice how your tone may change or your mood may lift? You begin to feel a smile and a burst of energy when you think of and share something you are truly passionate about. There is power in the things we are most passionate about. Even in unfamiliar territory, pausing for just a moment to think of your passion can help you transfer those feelings of confidence and power.

3. Give yourself some love.

How often do you do something only to criticize yourself or inflict a comment of negativity upon yourself? Probably more often than you think. Change how you talk to yourself; inspire confidence with a little love. Telling ourselves that we love ourselves, for example 'I love you *your name*,' and truly meaning it, can be a very powerful thing. Why look for love outside of ourselves, when we can become the strongest beholders of love for ourselves? It should be our daily mantra, especially during meditation; this is a powerful mantra to repeat. Saying it with the intention of pride for ourselves, acknowledging everything we've experienced and gone through so far can send a powerful wave of self love through our consciousness. By being gentle, loving, and sincere with ourselves, we can begin to transform our inner language and begin to build a sense of self love and respect that transcends confidence.

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With light filled regards,

The SL Team