The Benefits of Journaling


The Benefits of Journaling

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When we have something important to remember we write it down. Yes, now-a-days we have apps with bells, whistles, and reminder notifications, but doesn’t it feels good to be able to check something off our list at the end of the day? It’s a brief moment of conversing with your inner self, acknowledging that what you set out to create actually manifested, or realizing that you forgot something and taking a moment to reflect on maybe why it’s not as important to you.

But what about writing down our thoughts? Not so much in a “dear diary” sense, but recording the great idea we had at breakfast or on our commute, going back to review a mental conversation about a project idea for work or piecing together the remnants of a bad day to make light out of it, or just write and release the negativity of that experience. You may be thinking, “well yes I have a blog” or “I tweet about my feelings”, that is great! But if you are not on board with recording your thoughts, I want to encourage you to try it. It may be the change you need!

Why write?

Writing can be such a release of all the good, bad, and confusion we feel each day. Sometimes we feel pressured to be or act a certain way and by choosing to write down our feelings, we are letting our true self flourish. In moments of confusion writing down our thoughts and feelings can allow us to revisit them when we have time and may shine new perspective on the situation. We can come to new conclusions by looking back on what we write or just let it be. By sharing our truest feelings we can find a new way to connect with ourselves and grow our inner light.

There are several benefits to writing in addition to letting your true feelings out. Keeping your mind sharp and connecting with your innermost thoughts can allow you to focus and ground and connect you to your true self.

Morning pages, or MP as we call them, are a powerful way to start the day! It is written as soon as you wake up. You write whatever flows out. A lot of the times you’ll be able to re-connect with your dream and be able to write out the entire dream with details you didn’t even remember. This is one of the easiest and most powerful ways of connecting to your unconscious feelings and meanings, making light of your inner world.

By taking time to simply write from your heart, for however long, at whatever time of day, without boundaries or fears, knowing that only you will ever see this, can open up a whole new world of communication with yourself that could even change your life.

With light filled regards,

The SL Team