Standing Light Turns One!


When the power of love overcomes the power of fear, magic happens.

It seems like just yesterday when I was sitting on the floor, lotus style, in my ex LA home, embarking on a self-developed three month-at home meditating retreat, and poof(!) the universe handed me the name—Standing Light.

Similar to being a mother for the first time, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, how on earth I would be capable of nourishing something I love beyond human comprehension, yet had no previous experience in. But when the power of love overcomes the power of fear, magic happens.

AStanding Light was founded March 17th 2014, yet it took a while to develop its limbs and vision.

What I have learned in this crazy, thrilling, passion-driven, awe-inspiring, and sometimes even scary year, is that no matter what…..if you believe….there CAN be miracles (cue Maria Carey & Whitney Houston)!

To set course on such a journey is crazy, yet nothing in life worth experiencing and sharing is inspired by the ordinary.

There will always be the naysayers, the ones who disregard your dreams and passion for silly little endeavors. Yet what they do not have, what they do not hone within themselves is your unique vision, your light, and the indomitable faith and perseverance it takes to stand tall no matter what happens around you. That is the essence of an entrepreneur. And when you align yourself with your inner light, the right people will appear to support you in your adventurous quest.

So I stand here today, completely immersed and taken by the light and thankfulness, for being able to have stood against all odds-and still, never wavering in my dream, because I know, that anything is possible when we create from a heart-conscious space, wanting to share our light with the world, in order to help make it a better place….because isn’t that the ultimate reason why we are here?!

It is with deep gratitude I thank you and the ever growing light tribe, for standing beside us, and for believing in the vision and mission of Standing Light. We are just starting to take sail and Standing Light is just beginning to take its first real leaps!

With light filled regards, Leyla