Standing Light in The City of Angels


It’s no coincidence I chose to commence the Standing Light Tour in Los Angeles. It was in the City of Angels where the idea of Standing Light was conceived, and there was no better way I could think of paying homage to the place that birthed this idea than to connect, share, and create within the intention of light in its birthplace. As everything happens for a reason, the first Standing Light’s arose organically.

When we connect to the energy of light, we automatically attract people on the same frequency. That isn’t to say there were no trials and tribulations. There were moments where fear tried fiercely to dim my light, using stress and ego as weapons of mass destruction. Fearful of not booking enough interviews and ego making me stressed before conducting the interviews. But after twenty-six years of playing hide and seek with such deep emotions, I was able to have a grip on them and let go of such dark illusions to give way for my inner light to shine through.

It was our first try, with no real prior practice, and what happened - once letting go of ego and fear - was pure magic.

The Standing Light’s we connected, shared, and created with, were powerful light-workers, fearless warriors, and an inspiring bunch to help launch the Standing Light’s Interview series!

With light filled regards, Leyla

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