Songs have always been this magical essence in my life.....Ebbing & Flowing ever so gracefully through moments in my life that - SO - powerfully impact every molecule in my being.

Many months ago I fell upon a clip of Pharrell listening to a song that took his breath away. And whether it's the fact that him and I share the exact same birthday (not year), or felt similarly touched by this song, I too fell in love with this euphoric harmony titled Alaska. The song itself however, was not complete yet, and I prayed and prayed for the moment I could fully be nourished by its release. The sovereign creator of this magnificent piece - Maggie Rogers, is a unique and deeply riveting soul on her own. Standing not next to, but on top of her audio revelations, like a queen who has fought her way through dark thorned forests and now rests atop her own kingdom of freedom, smelling the roses with a strong backbone.

The only way I can describe her in such a manner, is because I feel a deep resonance to her current posture. The past few months have continued to propel me forward through 'westward' waters, and I stand, perhaps for the first time ever, in a place I can only describe as having fully integrated the lessons of this past year(s), which has me feeling more powerful, capable, and in harmony than ever before.

So (of course), as the universe would have it, I am bestowed with a universal gift to honor my recent alignment aka synchronicity, or this case - Singchronicity. And as I'm glazing over my wall, my Facebook wall that is, a link appears with an all too familiar face of this same woman whose presence and lyrical magic struck me so deeply, so many months ago. And for the first time I apprecaite BIG BROTHER using my personal information to show me what I want, but this time, actually need.

So of course I immediately click and discover that Maggie too, had finally integrated and aligned her most divine powers, and is beginning to share them with the world unashamedly.

"And I walked off an old me Oh me oh my I thought it was a dream So it seemed"

Now just BREATHE IN these lyrics and rapturous de-lights....


In Love & Light, Leyla