Focusing On Self Love


Focusing On Self Love

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As a lightmaker and believer in love, finding the connection between light and love is a daily occurrence. In everything that life gives, it isn’t very hard to see how much love truly surrounds us when we need it. One of the most important places to see love and light intertwined is within ourselves.

Can you see the light and love within yourself? Can you feel it? As odd as these questions might be for you to ask, please do.

As creatures of light we only shine brighter with love – from others but especially from ourselves. Finding the time to love and appreciate ourselves is so important to keeping our inner lights lit and shining bright. To be clear, loving yourself is not the same as glorifying or putting yourself above others, it means to value and truly appreciate all that you are. The same way you love you brothers and sisters, mother and father unconditionally, you should also garner such unconditional love for yourself.

How can you show yourself true love?

One very simple way is to look in the mirror and give yourself a true compliment. Do not focus on the physical appearance looking back at you, but look deeper, go beyond the physical and dip into your soul. Do you see a beautiful soul or a kind heart? Say so. Without focusing on the physical and rather what lies deep inside, you can find qualities that make your inner light sparkle and gleam.

Another way is to snuff out any feelings of self-doubt or self-hatred with gratitude. Be thankful for what it is you have, the gifts and ideas that you hold are special and should be valued! Just as you would not want a stranger to tell you that you are worthless, do not let yourself belittle your value. Understanding and appreciating all that you are, shines through even greater on the outside. If it’s difficult, begin by practicing gratitude for even the most obvious thing for example ‘I am so grateful I am blessed to have two healthy and strong legs to walk on.’ Not everyone can say that, and we overlook the blessings that are right in front of us way too often. You can work from your toes upward, practicing gratitude for every inch of you.

A third way that you can love yourself is to stay mindful. Be aware of what you do and the effects that your actions have. Instead of following along with an event or idea you do not feel passionate about, simply chose not to. Make the conscious choice to do or not do something rather than just going along with what comes your way. By choosing to do what you feel passionate about or what moves you, you are giving value to your idea and your needs.

We all crave love and acceptance at one time or another in our lives; the most important person to give that is ourselves. When we learn to love the person within us, we can love the people around us.

With light filled regards,

The SL Team