What the 'S' NYFW?!


As NYFW comes to a close, it’s time to wonder: did no one care about sustainability this year? Not to sound melancholy or rain on the parade that is NYFW but this year seemed to lack the sustainable and eco friendly fashion that I personally was hoping for. There were some attempts to raising awareness in the more recent years, statements of making differences and changing the industry but that was missing this past week.

Not that milestones were not made for the fashion industry! A woman helping trafficking victims contribute their talents was a significant step. Using her own past to showcase how someone can pick themselves back up and put together the pieces promotes true love and passion behind the industry. Stories of success and perseverance such as hers are what we like to see. The designer or industry mogul who was unknown and makes a positive impact keeps the dream alive for many people in the world.

It is important to seek out the beauty and heart behind fashion. This can come from understanding the hard work and dedication that goes into creating your own line or show and appreciating the source of inspiration and honoring the precious materials that complete the design. Progress has been slow in some areas of finding substitutions or promoting a “less is more” idea with the amount of clothing produced and sold but if we all chose to be more conscious this industry could be transformed into something even more beautiful.

Though there was not a huge flow of eco-friendly fashion this week, there are still several other Fashion Week’s to watch and wait for change. By noting “what could have been” for sustainable fashion in 2015, there is only more room for improvement for spring and fall lines in the future.

With light filled regards,