Tower Of Light I struggle a lot with finding how to express that ONE thing. This video comes in divine timing, as I went to bed last night with a low vibrational thought: "People that are successful are specialists and focused on ONE thing, and I don't have that ONE thing."

Before I shut my eyes and drifted to dreamland, another thought sparked me awake, reminding me of the concept and idea I came up with aka received from the universe called a 'LightStyle...Brand.' My heart suddenly felt at ease again. And even though I still didn't see the full picture clearly yet, I knew that as long as my heart is at ease, I'm ok. And so, after writing myself a little reminder note, I finally dipped into my dreams. Because here's the thing. We are impatient creatures! Yet we forget that Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes years of seriously deep inner work and powerful dedication, to first and foremost make sure the ground you're standing on - the foundation, is safe and sound. And only once you have a solid foundation can you imagine building upon that.

So I've learned that as long as my heart feels safe and sound, even if my mind doesn't clearly see the full picture yet, I'm ok, because I trust that the full vision will be revealed to me in divine timing....when it's meant to be.

A part of me, the perfectionist in me, doesn't want to post this, because it doesn't sound like there's a rhyme or reason to what I'm saying. But I know that if I'm feeling this, there's others out there, and I want us to all understand that no matter where we're at on our path, we all share the same fears of worthlessness sometimes. I struggle with it on a daily basis (nowadays those moments are shorter than usual because I squash such dark thoughts), but it's still a human condition we're faced with.

So I want to be authentic and share with you that I am still trying to find the best way to express all of my MANY facets that I've had the blessing of learning, experiencing, receiving degrees and certifications in.

We are multi-faceted souls, and many of us are not ok with simply focusing on ONE thing. It bores us. So for those who haven't found their elevator pitch yet, and for those who are still trying to label and find their life 'title' to define themselves and what they do by, I stand here today, sharing with you that I have no idea what mine is, and yes, I wing it every time. It's harder for the mass to understand that, because we're conditioned to comprehend straightforward simplistic things.

Yet the most simple things in life are the most complicated things. So if I told you that my title and elevator pitch goes something like "I am Love & Light," although simple, you'd find yourself caught in a mental whirlwind.

So have at it, let yourself be simple and complicated all at the same time, because that in itself, IS.


Love & Light, Leyla