Plug Into Your Source



Source: a generative force, someone or something that provides what is wanted or needed.

We can easily understand the definition of source. We are connected to sources all around us. Plugging your phone into a charger connects it to the source of power to be used again, pushing “Power” on a remote becomes the source of what you view on TV, or flipping a switch in the wall becomes your source of light in a dark room.

But have you ever stopped to really think what YOUR source is? Where does your energy come from, positive or negative, or the source of who you are? What source are you connected to, and how do you know it exists?

Some experience source through religion by attending service with their community. Others experience source by being with their family laughing and sharing stories, or going to a music festival being surrounded by hundreds of people listening to the same song feeling more alive than ever in the moment of unity.

For others, source can be a bit trickier to grasp and define. A typical New Yorker may believe that coffee in the morning is their source to wake up. LA traffic may be a source of anger and frustration.

But just as automatically as we plug in our phones to charge, we forget that we as well function on energy. We are unaware that the energy we receive affects us and then in turn affects the person or living thing we pass our energy onto.

When we stop to really think about source, it becomes everything. There is not one single object, rather it can be a collective. You are as influential onto others as they are onto you. You are the source of life, love, strength, power, weakness and even darkness to your family and friends. We all hold the power, to provide something for everything around us, and it is up to us to be responsible about how we share and emit our source of energy.

Plugging a charger in is a physical act of connecting, so how do you connect with source? How can you “re-charge”?

Take a moment, breathe deep and close your eyes. Relish in the fact that you DO hold the power of source. You, in this world, right now, are a source of beautiful light. Discover it, embrace it, and share it.

This video from Spirit Science is a great guide to understanding more about source energy.

Be The Source of Light.

With light filled regards,