Our Need For Nature


A Need For Nature

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Have you ever stopped to listen to the world around you? Not just pausing for a moment to cross a street or let someone pass but really stopping to listen? Eyes closed, heart open. Hearing birds, trees, wind, rain. Elements and nature that is all around us. Have you done this lately?

In the midst of our busy lives it is so important to take a few moments to see, hear, and feel Mother Nature all around us. Why? Because we are from the earth and we are connected.

There are reasons why we love to look at flowers and lush green forests. Nature is beautiful! Aside from that beauty, there are scientific reasons showing that it provides us with so much. Food and water come from nature, the air we breathe comes from nature. Many natural elements that we use are also found in nature. But it can also act as a healer. Studies show that nature can be a stress relief. Nature keeps us thriving. We need it.

We are connected to the earth around us, whether you think so or not. We are from the earth, created, born, and raised. We are children of Mother Earth and blossom when she blossoms or feel the drought that she feels. We can feel our souls connect in awareness if we take the time. For some of us, that connection has been lost but it is important that we can reconnect. When that connection is strong it shines through us and allows us to be a voice when Mother Nature cannot speak. And we must speak for her.

Something that resonates with me personally is the aftermath of our concrete jungles. In the past when we had an abundance of buffalo, their hooves would massage the earth with their constant drumbeat on the earth. It provided rhythm and music for the movement of life. Now that less and less exist, and we instead build cement structures on top of Mother Earth, we are depleting the physical touch and connection to her sacred skin. It is time to think about what we have done and how we can improve our impact on our planet before it becomes too late.

When we ignore this connection, we are ultimately only ignoring our own needs. Whatever we do to Mother Earth, we are doing to ourselves. When we clean out a forest, we are taking away from our own resource. When we pollute the oceans around us, we are only poisoning ourselves. I encourage you to check out more on what nature is saying to us.

With light filled regards,

The SL Team