Opening Up


Open Up to Your Light

We’re meant to shed. We’re meant to open up. But so many times, we are faced with notions that make us believe it’s easier and better to remain in the same skin for the rest of our lives.

Openness. The art of living with an open heart and an open mind, but how many of these artworks can we really marvel at today?

Such works of art have left legacies in the walks of someone like Gandhi, a true light worker who practiced light in all aspects of his life, by following a path he masterfully aligned with his mission. Souls that choose to fight, challenge themselves and their beliefs, go within, shed open, awaken to their path, and breathe that mission into all aspects of their life.

That’s the hard part, walking our talk, because on so many occasions life tests us in even the smallest ways. As mere mortals, it can be hard to rise to the occasion of light every single time, yet the more we open up to accepting the bigger picture, the more the small things begin to fall into place.

There will be moments in life where the illusion of fear makes us close up. It will hinder us from saying something, or acting out a certain way because instead of being open, unafraid of assumed attachments of ‘failure,’ we’d rather not do something than challenge the ‘fear.’

I dare us all us wake up and open up in love, in light, in unconditional authenticity.

No longer does the system of fear have the power. It’s the power of love that we are finally beginning to lean into. It’s a paradigm shift, a higher vibration, a shedding of old notions that do not serve our highest purpose, as an individual and a collective consciousness.

Let us rise.

With light filled regards,