Enter into a New Year of Radical Self Love!


It took me a very long time to arrive at the place and space I am now. I suffered a lot from dark notions and actions, and fear of not feeling worthy, beautiful, good, and smart enough. Being human is to feel and experience both the dark and the light. But each year I have strived towards reaching my highest self, and I challenged myself as much as possible to journey towards a light filled life, connected to source, love and light. I didn’t know how to explain and make sense of the journey in the ways I do now, but what we come to discover on this path is a whole new language. This epic voyage is a life-long, daily, moment-to-moment commitment. You WILL fall off, but that is just the beauty of the venture, as life tests you to see if you’re really getting the drift of whatever chapter of enlightenment you’re on.

I come from a background that from the outside looks ‘perfect,’ but nothing is ever perfect. The emotions and feelings within one person alone, no matter what the illusion around them is, can be a whole world of difference.

I struggled a lot with body image. It has taken me a while to decide whether I should open the doors and share this, but I know how so many of us suffer from all kinds of issues, that at the end of the day they all derive from lack of self-love and worth.

My commitment to myself this beautiful New Year is to fully overcome the notion I have lived with for as long as I can remember—not treating my body, mind, and soul as the temple that they are.

In the coming months, when the time is right, I will share one of the most powerful experiences I had this year, which was the catalyst of many other life-altering realizations that lead me to where I am now.

This place and space I hold and live within now is HOME. It is self-love, respect, and tenderness.

I know that I am still delicate and that ego and fear will slip in and test me, but I am making a pact with myself to honor my inner child, my highest self, and respect what I know is my divine truth.

When we open ourselves up to what scares us most, we ignite a universal support group that hold the space of love and light for us.

I want to share my journey with you so that my ups and downs can stand for the possibility of helping even just one person find their own inner light, and begin the path of living a light filled life.

With light filled regards, Leyla