Nature's Teachings


Energy is all around us all we have to do is open ourselves up and let it flow through us.

I’m back home in Switzerland. The shift of energy between the States and Europe is powerful. I could feel it up in the plane, growing more powerful as we descended onto solid ground.

Perhaps it's the unconscious feeling of re-connecting to original roots, yet to say that each place doesn't own its own unique energy would not be right.

I'm immediately grounded when I'm back in this nature-opulent country. It's here where I grew up—in the woods amongst tall trees presenting themselves as the perfect mentors, influencing me to stand tall and strong until I soar high enough to bask in the light!

Nature is our most compelling teacher. If we only accept to learn from what is already so present and available to us. Mother Nature shows us that life will guide us through up’s and down’s, just like mountains and valleys—even sometimes as low as infinite oceanic abys's; to stand strong in our truth, just like majestic trees grow tall to reach the light; and to root ourselves deep into source to weather any storm.

IMG_1657 (1)

We must become aware of Natures’ indomitable might. She is here to abundantly gift us with her labors of love, guidance, and teach us with her example of a cooperative lifestyle. She is the perfect example of balance.

Most of us have become blind and closed our connection to this immense offering. Yet just like natures law, giving can only last so long until it runs dry from lack of receiving. This is the law of attraction—energetic ebb and flow. When we don’t connect to nature and treat her with the same appreciation as we do our own mothers, we end up in a world where we no longer can enjoy clean and abundant water, breathe-in fresh breezes, enjoy the colors under the sea, and marvel at the plethora of animals and insects working in unison with nature to house one big beautiful planet called Earth.

Just like a mother’s fury from heartache, nature can wipe us out in one wave, destroy our home with one big shake, and can burn us to smithereens with one comet, if we do not grow up and behave like intelligent, well behaved adults.

Like my young self found mentoring by wise tall trees, my hope is that we can tap into the natural energy all around us and treat ourselves to the magnificent natural delights, savor the innate feasts, and bask in the abundant energy of nature.

With light filled regards,