My Enlightened Tale Part I


My Enlightened Tale Part I

I’m going to share with you the shifts and realizations that have occurred in my life –over the past year and a half. It all ties into one another, and forming Standing Light was the catalyst. I usually keep such personal writings private, as I do a lot of them, especially in times of deep healing, but I feel the need to share this one with you.


What’s dawned on me today is that I am not the creator of Standing Light, Standing Light is the creator of me—of the new me.

Over the past year and a half I have morphed and grown into higher versions of myself, faster than I have in my entire life. With this, with such enlightenment comes a lot of responsibility, a lot of self-care, and a lot of diligent checking-in with yourself and your inner child.

Writing like this, would have been impossible for me a year and a half ago, because I wouldn’t have had the understanding and the fluency of this kind of language. But I dedicated myself to one of the most intense learning curriculums available in our lifetime—the school of life and our inner being and collective consciousness.

It led me to places I never thought I’d go, to experiences I never thought I’d have the courage to face with such grace, and to revelations that awakened my soul to such an extent that I was forever changed for the better.

I am still working through the final stages of this particular (big) shift, the journey never ends, but I know that I am coming close to the end of this chapter…no, actually, book. I am closing out the final chapter of my first book, in a series of…..however many are meant to be.

No one signs up to the path of enlightenment actually understanding the full scope of it, but that’s the point and the journey. And so here I am, a year and a half, maybe even a bit more, resting and at the same time fluttering with anticipation, at a point in my life that feels like something is about to expand in a very big way.

Enlightenment is expansion, and I have been breaking open into new paradigms, higher consciousness’, advanced energetic vibrations, and into the infinite abyss of the greater universe I call – LIGHT.

I believe we are light, we come from light, and we will return to light, but once we are birthed into physical form on this planet, shadows begin to manifest and most of the time we let them grow until they fully consume us with darkness. Never re-connecting with the fact that we are the force, we are the power that can shed anything that’s not from the light, simply by turning ourselves on…flipping the switch….aka awakening our inner light.

I turned my switch from off to on about two years ago.

When it was off, I was just a regular 25 year old - young woman. I had the great ambitions and dreams that most entrepreneurs and/or light workers are born with. I had been working towards manifesting my dreams for as long as I could remember, but the dreams I dreamed and the life I was actually living, did not align, yet I was unaware of it on a conscious level.

It was only when I flipped the switch from an unconscious life to a conscious life, from a state of unawareness to a state of awareness, and from the illusion of self to the truth of collective consciousness, that I finally got a glimpse of the light.

I believe in magic, I believe in fairytales, I always have, but for a long time I felt silly for it. However, I have come to realize that the fairytales we grow up reading, hearing and watching are the highest expression, the most honorable and graceful expressions of who we can be. Grown-ups put such stories down because it makes them face the fact of their own failures, and no one likes to see their dark side. But when we can muster up the courage to face the man or woman in the mirror, illuminate any shadows that may have clouded our ultimate vision of ourselves with love and compassion, we can turn into our innate states of love and light again.

And if you really believe….a fairy godmother and her helpers may even appear along the way.

I will end here for now, and continue this story next week, because every single one of our individual fairytales need sparks of light to continue, and I need to nourish and replenish my well of light for next weeks’ Part II.

Luz + Amor,