Mercury In Retrograde


The next few weeks are going to be interesting because we’re going to be in retrograde until February 11. What does that mean? Mercury has a faster orbit and as it slows down, it allows the Earth to catch up. The change in orbital speed makes Mercury appear to stop or reverse. The retrograde lasts about three weeks and happens three times this year.

 January 21-February 11

May 19-June 11

September 17-October 9

During retrograde many crazy things can happen, electronics go bonkers, flights get canceled, and instead of letting it get to you, practice the art of letting go and deep breathing. It can be a complicated time for new projects and plans, it’s best not to sign important documents during retrogrades, so be mindful in the endeavors you choose, and try to sign off on anything after retrograde! It throws off your “normal” and shifts a new energy focus towards inner reflection.

 This will be the first retrograde of 2015 and according to Doreen Virtue is a great opportunity to refocus and “redo” a few things. I fully agree and want to emphasize the importance of how a “refocus everything” can be so beneficial. It’s a time to reflect on the past few months, redesign your living environment or your routine, resurface ideas that came to you but never had a chance to be manifested. We begin lists and projects so many times but don’t always get the opportunity to finish them, retrogrades are the time of the year to pause and reflect so that you can take a powerful leap forward once retrograde is over.

SL Quote refocus

 Allowing our inner light to be rekindled and grow can be an amazing experience in the present and prepare us to be more productive for the future.

If you want to get a forecast for your specific sign I recommend checking out what Susan Miller has to say. My favorite astrologer is Tom Lescher who focuses on a collective spiritual astrology or astrology for the soul.

I hope this retrograde will help guide your inner light to reflection and refocus.

 My personal retrograde experience is my reflection on my diet and how I am dedicating this year to help make this world a better place through many projects, but most personally, by giving up meat.

 With light filled regards,