Mamma Mia MFW!


Milan Fashion Week ended with notes that made me want to gesture in the typical Italian manner, waving both of my clamped hands, yelling ‘mamma mia!’


There was a big focus on luxury and ‘change,’ but is the change seen in areas that really matter? Measuring Milan Fashion Week by the lack of creative eco-friendly textile use would say otherwise.

As the search for “more luxurious” and better quality continues, a greed of textile superiority becomes present. Asking for better quality products isn’t something you should be ashamed of, but asking for sustainable products is where we should be giving our focus. There are more eco friendly and sustainable textile options waiting to be used and proudly soar down the runway in the direction of true change for a better planet.

While we are on the subject of sustainable textiles, making the choice to work with animal skin lies within each of us as an individual, yet I’m succumbed to #smh (shaking my head) in grief, imagining the tortures of hell most animals go through just so that we can ignorantly wear them on top of our own skin in the name of vain.

Fur and leather continue to dominate the runway and while faux is still an option no one seems to care. Top designers such as Stella McCartney make exquisitely crafted bags that look just like leather yet instead of carrying a dead animal, you’re carrying a fashion statement of a way-shower, which is SO much lighter and nicer.

To complete a rather backwards week in fashion, an ode to mothers everywhere mocking our own Mother Nature was present. Dolce & Gabbana wished to have a tender family moment with “Viva La Mamma”, models carrying babies and the designers surrounded by children for a finale. Although family IS everything, such a powerful statement shared by children and mothers, could have been so much more beautiful if it had been in celebration of sustainable fashion heralding the possibility of raising those beautiful children in a better world.

Instead of embracing nature and the beauty and options available to us, these Milan moments seemed to mock all that many work so hard to protect. We have every right to desire differences and to stand out in our fashion choices, but we should also think of where our wardrobe is coming from. It is important to set Milan in motion—the eco friendly way, offering creative alternatives to fur, leather, and other animal skins rather than continuing to flaunt them unconsciously on the runway, creating no real worthy #FashionStatement.

With light filled regards,