Merely by reading this, you’ve followed your heart. You are here, connected to this message and from my heart to yours, I love you, thank you for taking a moment to acknowledge these words and create some sacred space for yourself.

Did you know that the first organ to form when you were conceived was your heart? And that your heart began to beat before your brain even existed? I know! Neither did I until just recently! But this all makes SO much sense! And by the virtue of HeartMath Institute in collaboration with Stanford University, we now know that our hearts have brains. And it is the brain in our heart that conducts the first beat to the first sound we experience in our new realm.

Just take a second and tune in to that sound, go back to being in your mother’s womb, and hear the vibrations of that deeply calming resonance.

. . . . .♥. . . . .


See, most of us are used to listening to the brain in our head, when what we don't realize is the brain in our heart is a thousand times more intelligent. I made that number up, because in fact, you can’t quantify this kind of understanding. It is endless because it goes back to the creation of our ‘time’ – our universe.

What I am saying, and what many have been saying, is that we ARE the universe, and we can literally connect to that understanding through what is called the Tiny Space in our heart.

I recently took a workshop called Awakening the Illuminated Heart. The teachings in this workshop are taught by the souls lucky enough to have studied with Drunvalo Melchizedek.

People such as Gregg Braden, the awesome dude behind Spirit Science, The Celestine Prophecy, and so many more, have been talking about this understanding. And the fact is that it’s not that we don’t know this truth, we have simply forgotten it. Which is why Drunvalo called his school The School of Remembering. It’s a matter of us remembering, or rather wanting to remember… being called to remember, so that we can once again live in peace.

Native tribes all around the world know and live by this understanding. They are the truth keepers, living in a consciousness that is so far beyond what we can even imagine in our crazy reality based on money, power, and ego.

I’ve always been very connected to what people would call Spirit World. Since I was a little girl I’ve seen and communicated with angels, experienced the light around people or auras, and just knew certain things that most around me couldn’t clearly decipher for themselves. What I’ve come to realize is that I was seeing and experiencing things that weren’t coming from being registered through my brain, but rather through my heart.

It was in and through this workshop where I was able to fully embrace and connect all of my abilities to my heart. Because it is only through the heart that we can see clearly.

Love & Light, Leyla