To embody your Light Style completely, means to be in harmony with your hormones. Your hormones are the masters of the control-panel. They decide literally everything! From how well you sleep, to how focused you are during the day, how much you can relax, how juicy your sex-life is, and of course your fertility.

Bringing your hormones back into harmony means you are dedicated to your Light Style. And ultimately you are dedicated to embodying your True Self by fueling those aspects in your life that empower you in the best way possible.


Interconnected Symptoms As women we can very easily look at our menstruation - our moon-time - and detect if there is an imbalance. This does not mean however that the issue lies in the ovaries. The endocrine system is the entire chain of major glands in our bodies, starting at our crown and ending at our tail. These major glands are connected to each individual chakra energy center. They operate together as a unity; when one is out of balance, everything is affected.

Sometimes symptoms are obvious - like irregular or non-existing periods. However, in many cases women ignore other symptoms such as bloating, cramps and intense emotions during menstruation. They feel this is normal or part of being a woman. Let me tell you the truth: it isn’t!

Spark your intuition with your Moon-Time Your moon-time is the most sacred time of the month. When we truly allow our energy to go down, we will tap into deeper places of our intuition. Often we forget that we are cyclical beings who transform similar to the seasons of a year. We cycle through phases that give us different flows of energy. And yet, our society is putting so much pressure on us that we have integrated the false belief that it is possible to be in the same space during menstruation as we are during ovulation. Meaning: as sexy, outgoing, assertive and as active. When we fight against the inward, meditative energy that menstruation gives, the emotional and spiritual side of your existence will amplify those painful symptoms during your moon-time.

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Finding my Feminine Essence My body and my womb have been my main Guru’s in life. They are the ones who guided me onto my path and to live my purpose. Sounds all very romantic, but I can tell you it was far from that. For many years I suffered from all kinds of hormonal issues. During this time I was also going through major transformation spiritually, as I was living in India (which was my home for 5 years). It was obvious that the pain and turbulence my body was causing me needed to be addressed holistically.

I found therapists and healers of their kind, I took my time to go deep into the aspects of sexuality, femininity, physicality and spirituality to really address all that was asking for realignment in my life. It was a long, challenging and rewarding journey that took me to the heights and depths of my being.

After I fully re-harmonized my hormonal system and re-harmonized my life, I became the specialist I had been looking for all along. As I also have my own production of menstrual cups, I am constantly in very intimate contact with women. It came to my attention how much women are suffering from their moon-time and how no specialist I know of is addressing this in a holistic and spiritual way. So here I am, passionately driven to offer exactly that.


Holistic Online-Course By working with the body through the medicine of food, we are tapping into the element of Earth. The element that gives us grounding, stability and a sense of self. By using these aspects of our being as a foundation, we can easily move into other areas of life that are asking us for realignment. We are physical, spiritual, emotional, sexual beings - one cannot be separated from the other.By working with food and becoming more sensitive and more connected with our five senses, we will automatically boost our intuition and open up to receiving answers that we need for our healing process. Happy Healthy Hormones is an 5-week online course, designed to address your situation holistically. Discount! Discount! Discount! Are you ready to balance your life? To become more intimately connected to your feminine essence and moon-time? Are you ready to embody your Light Style and awaken your intuition? Then please, use the coupon “LIGHTSTYLE” in our shop and receive 25% discount on this enlightening 5-week online course.


Introducing Nalaya Chakana

Nalaya7 Nalaya Chakana is a holistic health coach, energy healer, nutritionist and founder of the Eve Cup (menstrual cups) and Femfulness. She organizes retreats, workshops, women’s circles and private sessions all over the world. Her purpose is to support women in becoming more intuitive, self-empowered and to stand strong in their true nature by tapping into their vulnerability with courage and shamelessness.

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