LDC Tribe!


It’s been a few days since the Lifestyle Design Convention, a two-day heart and mind expanding experience where a hundred entrepreneurs, makers, and world-shakers came together to collectively work towards designing a life of their dreams and create self-development paradigm shifts. LDC Founder, Kai Christen along with Josh Levent curated this life-changing weekend. Steve Pavlina gave a powerful keynote talk, and I along with Morten Hake, John Cooper, Michael Lassen, Julius De Jong, John P Morgan, Timothy Mark, and Eli David shared our visions and lifestyle designs that help light us up. I led the LDC tribe through a guided light meditation that ignited a wave of energy, filling the room with a compelling after effect of unity. It was beautiful.

But the best part was that the magic didn’t end after the weekend occasion, yet continued into the week, where through synchronicity, some of us speakers re-united in beautiful Lucerne at my house and masterminded, ate, drank, and jammed out some fun thoughts during a podcast, which will be available on Morten Hake’s podcast channel – The New Paradigm Podcast.

With so many souls, living in the flow and creating from a heart consciousness, of course the universe gifted us with an awe-inspiring synchronicity. This was Julius De Jong appearing on platform 5 at the Lucerne train station at the very same time I was picking Steve and Rachelle up, without any knowledge of us being in Lucerne. Taken by the 'present' of the moment, we all went and enjoyed a long lunch together.

Our collective conclusion is that we must trust the universe, as the universe lies within us.

With light filled regards, Leyla