Keeping Your Body Safe From Stress


Taking the Mess Out of Stress

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We are capable of feeling so many wonderful emotions, which when thinking about it is such a beautiful thing. Our days can be made up of joy, excitement, love, but also stress. Not so lucky for us, life can bring along a lot of stressful moments. Family visits and holidays, illness and death, romance and breakups, work and school to name a few. These factors can build over time, being ignored until they become too much to handle. We choose to ignore many signs until it becomes unbearable and causes many physical and emotional problems.

Stress buildup can cause a number of major problems to your health. An important thing to know about stress is that there are two different types, acute and chronic. These two forms can have varying effects on both our bodies and on our brains. Aside from also being a pain in our lives, stress buildup can cause nervous breakdowns or anxiety attacks, depression, and brain damage. Yes, that all sounds a bit extreme, but in response to stressful situations, our body is programmed to shut down some functions in order to protect others. We can also feel stress in our day-to-day actions. You’ve heard someone say, “I carry stress in my lower back and shoulders,” or possibly something similar and that can be very true! The body tenses up muscles throughout the body and this tension can be minor at first, and increase to unbearable pain. It can also wreak havoc on our digestive system. Nausea, stomach pains, and many other not so wonderful issues can occur often and aggravate other diseases.

There is good news! There are ways to manage and reduce stress levels so that you can stop having these symptoms and have less stress in your life. One of the first things to do is to pinpoint the point of stress. Determining what is causing you pain and anxiety can be a huge step in reducing it and moving on. Yoga and meditation can help you focus on that stress point and also how to handle it. Accept what you can and cannot change. We know there are things in life we can control but there are also things we cannot. For those things we must ride the wave and surrender to the NOW. Deep breathing and focusing on the positive can help during these moments. Another great way to reduce stress is to get physical. Physical activity can lower stress levels by taking your mind off of the stress and focusing on the activity. Stress can shut down certain brain function and exercise increases brain activity. Taking a group fitness class might also help you make new connections and find comfort in talking to other people.

These are just a few of many ways that I like to unwind and try to keep my stress levels under control. Life can throw many difficult things our way and we may not always be prepared to handle them but knowing how to stay calm can make such a huge impact.

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SL Team