A Journey To Enlightenment


What Is Enlightenment?

We live in the 21st Century. Surrounded by static: a constant blur of electronics, meetings, and stress. The use of our devices grows daily, only making the static harder to ignore. Understanding how to tune into source and letting go of the static (even for just a moment) will show you a truly beautiful new space. Connected to everything and nothing at the same time, you enter a place of ecstasy, bliss, purity, and so much more.

When we hear the term “enlightenment” a sort of deep understanding and higher knowledge comes to mind. On the surface this is correct, but being enlightened goes beyond the cloak of perceptions that we create. It is about being conscious and becoming connected to everything around us, holding a rich sense of calm and understanding while letting go of the ever-buzzing static.

 One of, if not the most powerful way to reach enlightenment, can be found in practicing meditation. Of the many types of meditations, these are the most commonly known: guided visual, kundalini, transcendental meditation aka TM , and mindful meditation. The practice of meditation and becoming aware allows you to visualize your thoughts as they come giving you the power to let them go. Picture your mind, sitting at the beach while boats appear, each representing a thought. As a boat glides closer, you can see the details of the ship, its crew, etc. The details of each ship represents the clarity of your thoughts. Releasing your thoughts, letting the ships sail further out and observing only the calm that is you in this moment is the goal to enlightenment. Diving deeper than a surface meditation allows you to get to the root of your source and relish in that light.

You will begin to experience your thoughts melting away and realize you are in a state of heart consciousness. Your thoughts are behind you and ahead of you, a new awareness of the present self is unveiled. You journey towards a space where nothing and everything collide. Embrace it. This ecstasy is within you at all times-releasing becomes a matter of diving within and taking that journey further. You become the beacon atop the lighthouse, guiding your thoughts in the right direction. Your thoughts are the ships amidst the static of the sea-and those thoughts disappear. This is enlightenment. Everything you are, everything around you becomes one.

For the skeptics that kept reading: if you are doubting the power of meditation and reaching enlightenment let this calm your doubtful mind.

With light filled regards,