Je t'aime Paris Fashion Week


Fashion month came to an end saving the best for last. Paris Fashion Week started with an element of beauty, freshness, and inspiration.

From hell to heaven in 12 months” was the story out of one designers mouth as she came back to the scene with a new collection and a new vision to share. Kit Willow is making a new name for eco friendly fashion and I am excited to see this change trend forward. Sourcing textiles that not only look stylish and luxurious but that also have a small impact on the environment is how she will make her mark. How exciting and refreshing!

Vivienne Westwood held true to her daring reputation with powerful statements in not only her runway collection but in her tribute to making a change. Inviting Londoners to take a stand against climate change was a big play and why should she be ashamed? Designing a collection that can scream “unisex” while also taking a stand on an issue that affects the world makes her a powerful and admirable woman. While others may be slow to join the trend of nixing gender roles in clothing I hope that more will be inspired to shed light in politics and sharing issues that matter.

As always, Stella McCartney proves that you can look and act responsibly while being stylish. Faux fur and outside labels put her in the spotlight for being creative as well as making a big problem in the industry noticeable. I always look forward to what she has to offer the industry in not only concepts and style but in ideas and innovations. Stella McCartney provides ethical choice as well as an opportunity to make a difference.

There was a lot to see this fashion month, from good and bad to wacky and weird. Some trends I hope that will catch on are being more creative when it comes to textiles and using environmentally friendly practices. Understanding that sustainability is more than a catch phrase to add to your slogan but a true way to operate. Designers are taking stands for what they believe in and that power can ignite change around the world if we just let it grow.

With light filled regards,