How Yoga Helped Me Heal


After A Breakup Yoga Helped Me Find the Strength To Heal

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My journey with yoga has been all too wonderful. A self-discovery of physical power and inner strength, I have come closer to my truest self and I love it. As I continue this path to truly seeing all that I am, it has also become a healing tool for physical and emotional pain.

Yoga first started as a way to stretch out pain and discover benefits for my physical needs. It was a class here and there to stay limber, a few more to get into deeper and more challenging poses, and then suddenly it was almost a daily practice because, well I just wanted to do it. After seeing the physical benefits and trying to understand more about the practice I began to truly see myself. I have the power within to hold a pose and then adjust my body to an even more challenging one. Mindful breathing and meditation have made not only my practice but also many aspects of my life more fluid and defined.

 During the last few months of a relationship turned sour, it kept me whole. Reminding me that I too am someone, and worth more. And even in my darkest moments of that breakup, yoga showed me the light and guided me away from depression and negative thoughts. The ability to see within myself and know what my needs were, kept me from spiraling into an all too common world of anger, self-loathing, and broken state.

 I was still hurt, there was no getting around that fact, but using my first moments on the mat with an intention of self love, gratitude, and forgiveness, I could move into a better place. That first tadasana would be slow and the focus of only my breath would allow me to cry if I needed; to smile if I wanted, or to melt into my sun salutation and just exist. I could focus on just my breath and the wall of questions disappeared.

In my most quiet moments, if my mind drifted to thinking about what I could have done differently or why wasn’t I enough, I remembered my intention and pushed those thoughts away with each breath. When I felt anger and frustration I channeled that heat and energy into poses that were most challenging for me. I gained respect for simple poses, because sometimes I just need to hold something longer and stay in that frame of mind. And during savasana when I could sense a wandering mind coming on, it became easier and easier to fall into my state of meditation and feel only light.

My journey of healing is not over but it has taught me peace, patience, and most importantly it has taught me that there is power in being mindful that I never could have seen before. I may not be able to practice every day but as soon as I touch my mat I can feel myself being lifted and I embrace all that it gives.

With light filled regards,


The SL Team