How To Cope With Feeling Inadequate


How To Beat the Feeling of Inadequacy

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We cannot make everyone like us, that just isn’t how life works. And just as we should not take that personally, we also should not let other people make us feel inadequate. We’re all given different talents and have unique purposes in this life. Allowing someone or something to take away from that not only makes us feel bad but it dims our inner light each time, and could eventually snuff it out completely.

Today I want to share how to overcome those feelings of inadequacy that can happen to us all.


Stop beating yourself up. Often times, we can be the reason for that feeling of “just not good enough”. We beat ourselves up for a number of reasons and justify it by thinking we are encouraging ourselves. In reality, we are dimming our own lights and encouraging darkness in with each negative thought. Instead of putting yourself down, build yourself up. Encourage your inner light to shine and you will feel yourself grow.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Just because someone can run faster, speak more languages, or makes more money does not mean that you are worthless. Do not weigh your own value based on the qualities of others. You have your own unique gifts to offer and you should not let the gifts of someone else make you feel any less valuable.

Train yourself to get past it.

Keep a list of your favorite qualities and quirks. Write them down and in moments when you feel inadequate pull that list out. Repeat a mantra that you have created to yourself, a positive affirmation that will truly uplift you.

Instead of turning against yourself, look within to rid yourself of that turmoil. Let all of your insecurities and negative feelings out on paper and truly see them. After a few days of repeating this new words will be harder to come up with and those negative ideas will diminish.

Accept what you can control and separate that from what you cannot control. Learn to distinguish your own dark thoughts from reality and tune them out. We all have weaknesses but being inadequate doesn’t have to be one of them. You may not be able to change something but you can determine how you will let it affect you.

I hope that these suggestions will help you not only prepare for moments of inadequacy and darkness but will also help you shine a bit brighter and embrace all that you are.

With light filled regards,

The SL Team