Heart to Table Zurich


May we cook every meal with the intention of love and light so that we nourish our bodies with that same energy. That is the deepest form of nourishment we can give ourselves, functioning on a cellular level.

Imagine a handful of your favorite heart-centered people, marinating in karaoke music, nourished by a heaping light-filled dinner with flowing drinks, topped off with the joy of being in one of the most beautiful countries, while caramelizing in one quaint room in Zurich, Switzerland. That was the recipe for the first ever Heart to Table Dinner! And it was delicious!

As usual it all happened exactly the way it was meant to be. My fellow co-creator friend sent out an invite to the LDC Alumni tribe for a dinner reunion the same day I had finalized the Heart to Table dinner concept. So of course, I reached out and asked him if he wanted to connect and create together!

Perfect timing or synchronicity?

I curated a gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian dinner for twelve souls who are on a mission to better their lives from inside out.


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Photo 06-03-15 6 33 52 pm

Photo 06-03-15 11 24 50 pm

  We had this perfect venue that is a cooking school by day, and an event space by night…with a fully equipped kitchen, and long dining table tailor made for exactly thirteen people!

But before any sitting down took place, I taught everyone how to create some of the staple Heart to Table dishes, which to them, were very foreign. Chia seed pudding, raw vegan chocolate, noni wraps, and a bounty quinoa salad are not the typical thing you see on menu’s in Switzerland….yet. We made everything from scratch and they got the tricks and tools to make them at home and start a H2T (Heart to Table) food revolution!

Switzerland gave life to me, and it was in honor of so much love for my birthplace and the incredible souls who have helped pave my path here, that it was only natural to host the first Heart to Table event in one of the most beautiful country I know.

Heart to Table events will next be hosted in the Los Angeles, stay tuned for updates and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to connect with us!

With light filled regards,