Heart To Table LA


Heart To Table LA


Friday May 8th we celebrated the Heart To Table (H2T) dinner in Los Angeles. The essence of love and light surrounding the whole event surpassed my wildest dreams. But let me tell you about the journey.

This event was supposed to be held somewhere else, on a different date, with a quite different plan. My team and I had worked hard on organizing the details when suddenly something happened that made us realize we couldn’t host it at this spot. We were less than two weeks away from the dinner date, and already weeks into planning it.

Instead of giving into fear and letting frustration rule my emotions, I took a deep breath, surrendered into the understanding and faith that everything that is meant to be will be. There were a few days after the given news, where I even had to surrender to the possibility of it just not working out this time. But after giving my emotions space to breathe, I had room again to let the light shine in and see clearly.

Fast forward to Friday May 8th, 7pm. I am standing in my favorite restaurant in LA – Gracias Madre, surrounded by my incredible team, beautiful souls I am blessed to call old and new friends, on a large wooden table decorated with SL gift bags, a guest book, and delicious vegan-Mexican appetizers, about to take off on one of the most epic dinner I’ve ever experienced. The realization that one of my biggest dreams had manifested overtook me with a sense of joy that is hard to describe.


Being able to CONNECT with a group of such high vibrations, SHARE in so much love and light, and CREATE inspiration so pure that the future possibilities seemed endless, was a dream come true.

Everything is meant to be, and when we create in the intention of light, magic will take place.

Ryland Engelhart who is the genius light-maker and shaker behind Gracias Madre and Café Gratitude, graced us for almost an hour squeezing into our table and sharing his incredible journey towards the light in creating these two restaurants.

We also shared in a fun light-exercise that got the whole table playing musical chairs, and after nourishing our mind, body, and souls with meals made from the heart and drinks made with pure creative genius, we rounded the night off with deeply nourishing conversations.

Needless to say, by the end of the night, everyone left full; Full of mindful food, new friends, and most importantly full of light and love.


I want to thank my incredible team, my beautiful old and new friends, the Gracias Madre staff, and Ryland for being a part of the first of many Heart To Table dinners around the U.S.

Gracias, Love & Light,