Heart to Table


We’ve heard about the Farm to Table concept, the movement concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers. But what about producing something even more locally – something from the heart? I want to plant this seed and begin to touch upon the fact that we are what we eat – literally. The energy that goes into our food when being produced is the energy we consume. This past weekend I cooked a birthday dinner for my mother and her girlfriends. It dawned on me that even though the gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free carrot cake I made was in the shape of a heart, in fact the whole process from buying the ingredients to cutting and mixing them was created from the heart. The thoughts and emotions I was feeling throughout were of love and appreciation towards my mother, and I was cooking this meal to gift her with an expression of that love.

Cooking is art; it’s the expression of human touch combined with the beauty of nature forming one collective statement of emotional power. From the fresh organic produce that Mother Nature provides, to our creative touch in combining natures’ gifts onto one plate, we are creating nourishing art from the heart.

May we continue to create with the abundant beauty from nature and nourish ourselves and the ones around us from heart to table.

Recipe available soon!

With light filled regards, Leyla