Growing Through Light


Standing in light provides us with the tools to maneuver gracefully through change.

Inspired by this past week’s happenings, I want to share with you my way of coping with moments that are fueled with intense emotions.

It is SO easy to let ego take over. We are socially conditioned to function out of ego, so much so that most of us don’t even know how else to deal with circumstances that make us feel frustration, pain, and sometimes even hopelessness.

But there IS a way to release that heaviness of all such dark emotions filling our hearts up when we experience frustration, pain, and hopelessness, I promise.

It takes some serious inner-will power, faith, and compelling thought-rearranging. This is called CHANGE. The one thing no one likes, but we will continue to be faced with it, so it’s about time we take charge of the tools we’ve got to learn how to maneuver gracefully through change.

In anyone else’s eyes, I was betrayed and hurt this past weekend. Surrounded by people who still function through ego, I was told to dump the person who betrayed me out of my life. Thinking of how I was going to go forward with this act gave me such anxiety, and made my heart and soul so heavy, I was beginning to fuel the pain and give darkness a chance to begin filling my light up with all it's shadows.

Yes, it was hurtful, but at the same time, I was fueling the pain by getting wrapped up and focusing on the dark side of the situation, fixating myself on the exclusion rather than the inclusion.

This is yet another test in life, of choosing light over darkness. Please note that I am not saying we should lie flat on our back and let everyone trample over us, no! Yet instead of an eye for an eye, let us embrace the possibility of light and love in the darkest moments, and I promise, you WILL feel the immediate transformation that can take place within your mind body and soul, by simply acting out of love rather than hate.

Trust and respect are protective light pillars we must abide by. When someone breaks those sacred pillars we can choose to give the person who broke them the opportunity to re-build them in time, or we also have the divine choice to let go of the person who broke them, but here’s the key….in love and light.

Instead of gearing up as if we’re going into battle towards the person who has done us wrong, we can choose to stand in their shoes, see why and how this may have happened, and thank them (in silent prayer or in person) for the opportunity to see more clearly and rise to the occasion of light ourselves. Whether or not we choose to let go of the friendship/relationship, doesn’t matter, because as long as we get out of the ego space and choose to embrace the experience through love and light, the possibility for OUR own divine growth in this situation has then been fulfilled, and we will naturally be guided to the most light-filled outcome for both of our highest intentions.

With light filled-regards,