The Good Life Project Camp



It was one of those magical synchronistic days when I stumbled upon serial-entrepreneur, award-winning author, speaker, web show host and mindful-innovation strategist, Jonathan Fields and his manifestation of light – The Good Life Project.

Upon discovery, I signed up for the weekly GLP TV interviews to fuel my inspiration while garnering deep insight from powerful co-creators being interviewed by Jonathan Fields. Jonathan’s open and kindhearted style of interaction always touched me deeply.

About a year into passionately following GLP TV, I received an email about a GLP Camp. The crazy thing is that I had come across a random thought of why only kids go to camp….and just as quick as I gave the thought to the universe, I received an answer in the likes of ‘you’ve got mail.’ Yes, the goose bumps and all took over me the moment I looked at my inbox. It was surreal and awesome, and I knew I had to go!

I had already booked my flight back home to Switzerland, but when the universe knocks at your door, you better open it! I changed my flight itinerary and organized a ride up to Iroquois Springs where GLP set up camp!

We arrived as individuals and dropped into a summer camp for aspiring world shakers, eager to receive the first GLP Camp experience. What the next 3 ½ days unfolded was nothing short of powerful, soul-awakening, and heart-igniting experiences. It was our playground to ‘unleash that primal urge to make and move and create and connect, discover friends-for-life and fire-up our future with ideas, strategies and tools for accelerated personal and business growth!’

The workshops, the talks, the meet-ups, the hangouts, the talent show (!!!), the 6am morning meditations followed by a workout, the dance party, the bond fire, and last but not least, the attempt to stay up on the final night to experience the sun rise together. All of this and more were the bonding pillars of how a tribe, a mindful unity, and an aligned family of light-workers connect, share, and create within the intention of light.

We arrived as individuals and left as a united tribe of standing lights.

I am forever grateful for this soul-awakening experience and the honor to have met such beautiful standing lights.

With light filled regards, Leyla

Special thanks, love and light to.....

 Jonathan Fields &  The Good Life Project 

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